Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pin the grin on Daddy

Aaron turned 35 today.  He was 19 when we met.  I have a lot of birthday memories with him. A party around the pope's table at Bucca Di Beppo.  One of his worst birthdays, coming home from vacation on the central coast and spending long hours stuck in LA traffic.  With 2 little kids.  His 30th, when James was only a few months old and I wanted to celebrate, but felt too overwhelmed to throw a party.  Some of our friends met us for dessert at BJs on 2nd st.  There were 3 newborns there and another on the way.  It was a sweet celebration of the start of  the 30s and all the changes coming our way.

5 years later I chuckle at that memory.  I can't imagine, now, why throwing a party with just 1 little baby sleeping in the swing would be overwhelming.  And although I could throw a party, even with 3 little ones underfoot, most of our friends have little kids too, and a week night party after work just doesn't seem to mesh with bedtimes.  One of those changes I was talking about.  This left James and William disappointed.  William said, "I'm sad that none of Daddy's buddies can come to his birthday."  So that was it.  We had to throw Daddy a party.

The boys voted on orange everything cause that is Daddy's favorite color.  Orange frosting, orange decorations, and orange wrapping paper.  They also planned party games: Red light Green light and Pin the Grin on Daddy.  They worked hard getting everything ready.  It turned out to be a lot of fun planning a party with them.  The hardest part was waiting for Daddy to come home so they could dig into that cake.  

Even Lilly was excited.
Daddy requested burgers for dinner.  James said, "we should use the crazy straws for Daddy's party."  
Pin the Grin on Daddy.  Illustration by Jamers.  (He really wanted to play Pin the Underwear on Daddy) 
After dinner, it was game time.  
It was a fun party.  

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Daddy, Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday sweetie.  I love you.  They love you.  We love you.  We think you are wonderful.


Lillian said...

What sweet pictures. What a wonderful idea to have a party for daddy. He certainly deserves a party.

Lillian said...

Yeah foe me I finally learned how to make a comment!!!!

Mommy of three said...

Yo Mamma! I knew you could figure it out. Fo Shizel!

Shannon said...

What a blessed daddy! Those hamburgers look so gourmet.