Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting into Trouble

How excited I was the day James began crawling.  I was secretly jealous of other babies that crawled before him and secretly pleased about the ones that he beat.  I thought crawling was great.  

That is one of the many differences between baby number 1 and baby number 3.  If I could go back to the old days of Lilly sitting happily in one place, pleased as punch that she can sit, SIT!, and just observing the world around her, I'd be there in a heartbeat.  But you can't stop progress. Instead, I have a little girl crawling under my feet, eating up crumbs under the table like a dog, and pulling bowls from the cupboards while I try to cook dinner.  I so quickly forget how much trouble a little crawler can be.     

And next, she'll be walking.  And I'll be longing for the crawling days.  Oh Lilly, why do you have to keep changing so fast?  

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