Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Dressed

So up to this point, neither of my boys have expressed much interest in clothes.  Unless it is a costume, or a shirt with a tractor on it, clothes hold very little interest for them.  They certainly have never wanted to choose their own outfits each day.  I lay out their clothes, they get dressed in them and we go on our merry way.  

I admit to feeling a bit smug when I hear other moms complain about the battles being waged over clothing in their house.  I have my own battles, so I am glad that is one I don't have to fight.
Until now.  James has decided he likes to choose his own clothes now.  The other morning he announced, "I like to pick my own clothes, Mommy."  So he did.  He's come up with some interesting combinations.  One involved tights, "but I don't have to wear a shirt cause these come all the way up to my nipples."  Another involved jammie pants, "but I love to wear these cause they are so comfy."  

Today he came out in this get up.  I like the tie.  We were going to church after all.  He has no pants on because he couldn't find any "comfy" pants.  AKA, pants with an elastic waistband.  I'm telling you, that kid would live in a velour sweatsuit if given the option.  Or just underwear. That is really his favorite outfit.  As soon as we get home he takes his pants off. Can you blame him really?  Wouldn't we all like to walk around in our underwear?  Or at least a velour sweatsuit.    
Anyway, I had to take some photos of him in one of his chosen outfits.  I remember stories of some of Aaron's outfits, and I've seen some pictures.  I'd like to be able to share these with James' girlfriend some day.  

You look good, son.  You definitely have your own style.  Keep it up.

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