Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Girl

So Lilly is quite the big girl now.  She takes baths with her brothers.  You'd think that the 3 of them in the tub would be absolute madness, but actually, things are far calmer when she is in there.  You see, humongous splashes can't be made when your baby sister is in the tub with you.  
She loves it.  I realized a couple of weeks ago that she was ready when she pulled herself up on her knees and peered over the edge of the tub to watch her brothers bathe.  She was smiling and laughing at them.  I knew she was wishing she could be right there with them.  

Now she never gets a bath alone (it will be your reality again someday, Lilly, it is called motherhood!)  William especially loves to take a bath with her.  Even if he has already had a bath, he'll hop back in to take a bath with his sister.  The other night I was running a bath for her, came back to check the water, and there was William, out of his jammies and in the tub.  "Where's Lilly?" he asked me.  

It's funny how different they are with her.  When she takes a bath with James, he is very careful with her.  He holds her and protects her and makes sure she doesn't slip.  He tells me if I am getting water in her face.  He looks out for his baby.  

When Lilly bathes with Will, it's playtime.  There is no protecting going on.  They laugh and splash, and play boats.  William splashes water right in her face and she cracks up.  He steals cups from her hands, pours water down her back, sometimes over her head and she just grins at him like he's handing her candy.  

Whatever they are doing, it seems to be working.  She doesn't say Mama yet, but this week she started saying, "bu".  Now she says "bubu".  Yes, this big girl loves her bubus.  

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