Thursday, January 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning came early, despite a very late Christmas Eve.  Why does it always have to be that way?  Still, we were pretty excited to share presents with the kids and they were very excited to open them.  They each got a big present.  Something they'd been asking for, or that Aaron really wanted to get them.  James wanted a crane, and Daddy made sure he got it.  It's pretty cool. He was very excited.

William got a Playmobil firetruck.  Since Granny and Dziadzi got him a VERY loud remote control firetruck, we didn't bother to put the batteries in the one from us.  He didn't seem to know the difference.  It's a ladder truck.  Or "ladda" truck, in William speak.

Lilly got Sophie the giraffe.  I have loved this toy since James was a baby but felt guilty spending $20 on a chew toy (yes, I admit it and I am ashamed, but it is the best chew toy ever).  I finally got it for baby # 3 and she loved it right away.  It is cute, it is French, it is safe to chew on (no toxic plastics, just pure chewy rubber) it is easy for her to hold and it was Lilly's big present.  I love Sophie.

The boys also got ray guns.  They are really loud and annoying.  Don't ask me what I was thinking when I got them these.  It was something like this, "wow, these are only $ 5.  They look like vintagy space guns.  They boys will love how they light up.  They will be perfect for when they play space explorers."  Did I even listen to them at all?

Did I think they would also be perfect for shooting little sisters in the head and causing early hearing loss?  

In the end, it was a wonderful Christmas morning.  Granny made french toast, her breakfast specialty, Daddy put together PlayMobil toys, I got a darling green coat, of which I'll post pictures sometime and we all got to be together.  That was the best part and it is what makes Christmas merry.


Heather said...

I love Christmas memories, good and bad! Some of my favorite Christmas memories are of you and Ben knocking on our door to check out our loot and running (or riding bikes) to go see what you got! Also a favorite memory is of you delivering my yearly stash of peeps at Easter! Love you! (and miss your gradma's supply of peeps ;)

Mommy of three said...

I forgot all about the peeps!
I doubt they have such terrible candy in Germany. maybe your kids would like some good old American peeps for Easter this year,
Love you.