Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Christmas Curse

You didn't think we'd make it through Christmas without the Christmas Curse did you?  Well, we didn't.  In fact, it struck with a vengeance on Christmas day.  By the time we got over to Nana and Papa's around noon, James was burning up with  a fever.  He felt so awful that he laid his head on my lap while I opened 1 present for him and then said he just wanted to go to bed.  Now that is a sick kid.

Aaron was also sick.  He had an earache and signs of a sinus infection.  He, too, only wanted to go to bed.  Alas, that was difficult given the malady that plagued William.  For the 2nd night in a row, William got hives on his feet and legs, rendering sleep nearly impossible, even with the aid of Benedryl.  James was asleep by 5 pm and after we finally got William to stop itching and fall asleep, Aaron joined them.  Poor Nana made a delicious prime rib feast and most of us couldn't enjoy it.  Between sick or cranky kids, every one was up and down and eating a bite here and there, or not at all. It was a never to be forgotten Christmas, but sure to be repeated.  

Thankfully, everyone felt better as soon as the next day, and the rest of out Christmas vacation was pretty fun.  Oh sure, the kid were exhausted and not fully recovered, cranky and not up to snuff, but it's been worse.  And I have confidence that someday it will be better.      

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