Thursday, January 29, 2009


Here is why scrapbooking doesn't work for me.  I get behind.  I get behind and then I want to do the current stuff but I feel like I can't move forward until I've documented the past and eventually I stall out completely because I feel paralyzed.  

That is kind of what has been going on here, but I am going to stop it right here and now.  I have a few more Christmas posts (hey don't say anything--at least it's not Christmas in July!) and then I'll do a review of January and be right back on top of things.  

Dare to dream.

Besides the whole paralyzed thing, life just hasn't been conducive to blogging lately.  My Lilly is still sick and therefore waking up all hours of the night and wanting badly to nurse and then be held while she sleeps.  Only held.  Upright so she doesn't choke on the incredible amount of snot pouring from her nostrils.  Unlike my other 2, I have completely given up and most times don't even try to put her back in her crib.  She sleeps in bed with me more often than not. I've become one of those kind of parents.  But don't worry, there is plenty of room, because most nights Aaron is sleeping with William.  About the only person who is getting a good nights sleep around here is James.  I don't know when my children decided that sleeping was no longer their thing.  It used to be.  Only a few months ago I was sleeping all night long AND getting an afternoon nap.  That's gone now too.  We have rest time.  Really it should be called, "don't get out of your bed again or I will pull my hair out" time.  Yes, we've taken William off naps.  It is a terrible blow because he is a great napper.  It's j
ust when he naps he doesn't go to bed until 10.  There is no happy medium with William.  

So....I am tired.  Many nights I fall asleep on the couch, wake to wash the dishes (or not) before I move onto bed and  a little more sleep (or not).  Aaron has been using the computer a lot at night as well, and since nap time is gone, I don't blog much during the day.  I think my blogging honeymoon is over and real blogging life has begun.

But I'm game.  I still have a bowlful of buttermilk pancake batter on the counter that I need to cook up for breakfast tomorrow (had it for dinner, leftovers for breakfast) the dinner dishes to wash and laundry to put away, but first I'll do a little of this and then a little of that.  Perhaps I won't be here everyday (remember the honeymoon is over!) but a couple of times a week should still be good, right?  

Christmas blogs to follow, and then, ONWARD!

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