Saturday, October 18, 2008

True Love

James and Lilly have a special connection. He was the first she smiled at. Consistently. When she first started talking, those delicious baby coos and ahhs and oohs, she talked to James. She hears his voice and grins. She adores him.

The feeling is mutual. James loves talking to her, singing to her, smiling at her and telling us of her every move.
"Lilly said ahh, Mommy".
"Look Mommy, she is moving her hand. She is waving to me."
"She is looking at my teeth Mommy. I bet she wished she had teeth too."

He even notices whenever she has on a new outfit and tells her how cute she is. I always hear him calling her by the sweetest names, like, "little sweetness" or "our precious girl". My heart melts into a puddle to witness his tenderness toward her. I imagine him someday talking that way to his own little girl. It makes me want to weep.

James doesn't care much about babies. The only time he really notices them or mentions them is to comment upon how our baby is better than that baby, or bigger, or stronger or smarter. Usually in that order. He is like most little boys. He doesn't have a lot of time for babies. He wants to run and jump and climb things. Whereas almost every little girl that walks by Lilly wants to hold her and look at her and know if she's mine and how old she is. This just proves to me how genuine James' love for Lilly is. He only has eyes for her.

This morning Aaron and William were gone for a bit. James was playing camping in his room. I had some chores to do, so I asked James if Lilly could be with him for a bit. If he could babysit her. My plan was to put her in her bouncy seat on the floor and let her be entertained by watching him move around the room. But James wanted her to go camping with him.
"I'll protect her Mommy. I have my knife."

Despite that, I laid her on the floor in his tent, and they stayed there happily for over an hour. I couldn't help stealing in to watch them together. I loved the way she looked at him, reached out for his face and smiled at him, showing her beautiful dimple. Again that weeping. And he just laid on the floor next to her, talking to her and being with her. Watching the 2 of them felt like I was getting a glimpse into their private little world. The world where they understand each other in ways no one else does, where they have their own language and jokes, where no one else exists except for them. It is a beautiful thing to watch to people in love.

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Justin and Erin McDonald said...

All I can say is that I am also weeping and their not my kids!