Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the Move

I have been hoping that Lilly would be a late bloomer in the mobility department. I wouldn't mind a little more time before I have to worry about her finding tiny Legos, getting stuck under the couch, being run over as the boys chase each other around the house, not to mention the additional work that a mobile baby brings to an already busy mommy.

Three recent events are making me think that my wish might not come true. First, we moved Lilly to a crib a few weeks ago. She was in a cradle, but the cradle rocked when she moved, and since she had begun to move around so much in her bed, she was waking herself up. Although I certainly don't want that to happen, I was still sad to see the cradle go. Not only is it yet another sign that she is getting bigger, the cradle has a lot of sentimental significance.

This cradle belongs to my Babci. (That's grandma for all you non-Polish speakers) It was hers when she was a baby. My great grandfather, Wilbur Novak, bought it when she was born. Or thereabouts. I am a little fuzzy on the details. Either way, I know my Babci slept in it, and my Dad, and all my aunts and uncle. Many of my cousins slept in it. William slept in it. And then Lilly. (James slept in the crib from day 1, so he missed out on the tradition) I love that it is a piece of our family history and that my kids have been a part of that.

I took these pictures the other day so I could have few more of Lilly in the cradle. She rocked and rolled in there. There is no way she could sleep in it anymore. She kept rolling up against the side, or scooting down to the bottom. She still mostly rolls from side to side though, so I wasn't too concerned about her get up and go.

Well, yesterday I put her on the couch. She was sitting up, leaning against a pillow, snug in the corner and not going anywhere. I have done this with all my kids when they reach that point of really wanting to sit up, but still need help. And Lilly really wants to sit up. She is constantly leaning forward. Even when laying on her back she is practically doing crunches, trying to get herself into a sitting position. Apparently, she leaned forward like that while on the couch, because I heard a thump and a scream from the living room, followed by James screaming, "Lilly fell off the couch Mommy!"

I felt like the worst Mommy. I don't know who hurt the most--Lilly, James or me. Lilly got over it the soonest. James was so upset. "She fell so fast Mommy. I couldn't catch her in time." He was just walking around the corner when she fell. The weight of her upper body, must have pulled her forward, right off the couch onto the hardwood floor. Oh my sweet baby. However, she really didn't seem any worse for the wear. No bumps or bruises. Not even a red mark. I guess she is a little more mobile than I thought.

Today, she really made me nervous. She was spending some time on her belly when I looked down and noticed that she was pulling herself up on her knees. I thought it must be a fluke. A one time thing. Nope. She did it over and over. Luckily she wasn't able to coordinate pushing up with her arms at the same time, so most of the time her bottom was in the air and her face was smashed into the blanket. But still. What does she think she's doing? It is way too early to be on the move.

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Justin and Erin McDonald said...

the picture of lily in the cradle is so sweet. I love her chubby legs! and her little face I can't wait to met her!