Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Complaint Department

I would really love a cup of coffee right now. Alas, I cannot partake of that most comforting of beverages. Nor can I partake of nuts or anything dairy. Oh, and acidic things in general. Why, you ask. Please, allow me to complain.

Lilly. It's her fault. (But she's so cute, it's hard to be very upset with her) I've had a sneaking suspicion that she is lactose intolerant. Or it could be the coffee, the nuts, or citrus or tomatoes--highly acidic. So I've cut them out of my diet in an attempt to determine what it is. Maybe nothing? Ha! That I should be so lucky. Within 2 days of ridding those items fro
m my diet, my baby no longer cried when she pooped, or went rigid with gas, in fact, she seemed to have no gas at all. Her spit up disappeared. She was definitely happier. Which almost does not seem possible because she is just about the happiest baby around. Unless she is pooping, spitting up or has gas.

Well, it had been a week and a half--time to introduce something back into the works and test my theory. Aaron's Mom brought us Sprinkles cupcakes and I thought if I'm gonna have me some dairy, why not do it right and have a delicious
cupcake? Oh sadness. Sadness, sadness, sadness. Lilly does not like that cupcake. Lilly is not fussy, and today, she was fussy. So I guess that's it, dairy is out the door. No more brie, no more lattes, no more Greek yogurt, no more buttered toast, chocolate, or any other dessert worth caring about. Red licorice anyone? Yeah, I know, it just doesn't do it for you.

To add insult to injury, this has been one of those days. I don't want to complain, but can you just indulge me for a moment? We'll start with the morning. I had to wake Lilly from her morning nap in order to take James to swimming lessons. That messes her up for the rest of the day. When we got home, she went down for a nap but woke up minutes into it because she pooped. She is pooping an awful lot today. Oh, I forgot to mention, another reason for her digestional distress. She is on antibiotics. For whooping cough. Yeah, that's right. Whooping cough. What is this, 1837? I have it too. As does William, who gets every strange ailment of childhood and then passes it on to us. Being that antibiotics cause stomach stress, it probably wasn't the best time to introduce dairy back into the diet. I am not thinking clearly these days. All that coughing.

I have also had mastitis twice this week. My mouth is so full of canker sores it is difficult to chew. Is this some sort of curse? James didn't nap today. Once I finally got William to sleep, Lilly woke up (pooping and crying of course) and woke William up, who usually sleeps through anything. Oh what fun it is to be a Mommy today!

The kids are all finally asleep. And what I'd really like right now is a sweet, soft, creamy and salty chocolate peanut butter cup from Trader Joe's, crumbled over some of their most delicious coffee ice cream (the best I've ever had), but I guess I'll just go fold laundry.

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