Friday, September 19, 2008


James and Noah are buddies. In fact, they are best buddies, and have been from the time they could show affection for one another. If they haven't seen each other in a week or so, the reunion will be almost tearful. When they were small, they just sat on a blanket and looked at each other. Now they often roll on the ground wrestling and punching each other. When they were little, they would kiss each other hello and goodbye. Now a hug does the job. They know how to fight like brothers and they know just the thing that makes the other mad. In Sunday school the worst threat imaginable is to separate them. This often happens.

Sometimes it is hard for Noah and James to include others in their play. Especially William. But that little guy doesn't give up. He follows along right behind them, climbing, swinging and jumping off things they wouldn't have when they were 2. He is always a few steps behind them, but he's catching up.

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Justin and Erin McDonald said...

I remember when we were like this! And remember when Brian would rub lotion on Ben's legs? Now they just go on trips to Purto Rico and do stuff we don't care to know about. Well at least we can remember the days of our childhood! They were great, Just a few to laugh at, car tag,crawl tag at the upstairs house, How long can you stay in the rabit cage, was that a game or just torture? and of course space ship swing set with pug the wild dog! ahhh those were the days it is good to know your kids will have friends like that!