Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mommy, I love you

Today we were at the dentists office waiting for Daddy to pick up the kids so I could have my teeth cleaned. When I walked into the office with the 3 kids, the receptionist looked nonplussed. "Don't worry, they're not staying." I settled the boys down with a snack and began to feed Lilly .
"Lilly's having a snack too," said James
"She's having cow milk," said William
"No, William, Mommy's breasts don't make cow milk, they make milk for Lilly, but it tastes like soy milk."

Mind you, while they are having this conversation there is a middle age man sitting in close proximity to us. He is trying very hard to look interested in his magazine and like he is not listening to this conversation.

James continues, "Mommy, when Lilly gets bigger you can just keep your milk in your breasts and she can have cow milk like me and William, right Mommy?"
"Yes, James," I said in my calm voice. I explained to him that we didn't need to talk about Mommy's breasts in a public place. Even though Lilly does need to use them to eat, we don't have to talk about them.
Meanwhile, I am checking my watch every 5 seconds wondering where in the world Aaron is and why he isn't rescuing me from these children.

At that moment, James, peeks out from under the chair where he and William have decided to eat their snacks and says, "Mommy, I love you."

Someday, he won't be saying that to me in the middle of the dentist office. And we probably won't have nearly as many interesting conversations as we do now while he doesn't filter anything he thinks or wonders about. So I guess I shouldn't worry too much about what he says and just enjoy my very curious boy.

I love you too, James.


Justin and Erin McDonald said...

Ok so after I stoped laughing i had to read this to Justin and say this is why God has not given us children yet for I would be mortified if while sitting at the dentist office the subject of my breast's came up and would not be able to use my calm voice while reprimanding the men talking about them!! HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding! But it is a great laugh! See these are the things you don't want to fade away with mommy memory loss. You have document! and then to get him back you can show all his friends and girl friends this web site and tell them "oh how cute he was back then!" trust me it will work!

Heather said...

Oh how hilarious! I love it... well until Ella starts having conversations with me in public, then I might not think it's so funny!