Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Photo Booth Shoot 2012

This may be one of my most cherished family traditions.
To me, these are priceless heirlooms.
Our collection of photo booth strips is growing.
If we keep going at this rate, it will take over a whole wall.
I'm game.
These strips, and the story each one tells, are fun.
I think that's what I like best about them.
They are silly, they are spontaneous, and they are just the real us, having fun.
I know that when my kids are grown, and I look back at the days of their childhood, these are the kinds of moments I will cherish.
Make the time to make memories, my friends.
It is worth every bit of extra effort.
This life is short--live it up!

Here are our shots from the OC fair this year.
The big boys went first.
They share so much.
I love them so.
Then it was me and my littles.
Davy is still not sure about the photo booth thing.
But Lilly is getting it.
Last year Davy was a tiny newborn.
Now he's a big boy.
And Lilly is my blond beauty.
I love them so.
Aaron met us at the fair after work and we headed back to the booths for the family shot.
No one thought we could do it.
But we did!
Look closely and you'll see parts of everyone's face in every picture.
The first one's the worst, but they just get better from there.
I like the third one--everyone's mouth is open except for Davy.
But his eyes are wide open.
These crack me up.
Every single time I walk past these strips hanging in the kitchen, I smile.
People tell me every day how hard it must be to have "all those kids".
They shake their heads.
They say "better you than me".
Or, "I couldn't do it".
Sometimes they say, "you are so blessed."
Yes, I am.
I am blessed beyond measure.
Yes, it's hard.
Yes, it's crazy.
Yes, it can be exhausting.
But there is also so much joy, laughter, and fun that we all share.
There is a fullness in our house and in our life that is very rich.
There is a lot of love.
Sometimes when I stop to think of it, I can't help but cry.
Blessed indeed.
These photos remind me of that.
Have a wonderful week, friends.
Love from,

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This Life said...

What a great tradition! And yes, you ARE blessed!