Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Trip to the Fair

Ahh, the fair.
Even though it was blazing hot, we couldn't miss our annual trip.
There are some traditions you just don't mess with.
I think we have more fun every year.
Even with 14 month old David, who's not at the easiest age to take places, we all had a blast.
We stayed until 10--and nary a tear in sight.
Sometimes I wonder why I love the fair so much.
After all, it's crowded, smoky, smelly, hot, loud, over stimulating, and full of all sorts of outfits you'd rather not see.
(why the need to dress so hoeish at the fair, ladies?  why oh why?)
But every year, we return, and as soon as I walk in, fill my lungs with the smell of grease and smoky bbq, I am so glad to be back at the fair.
Maybe it's the memories of my own childhood days at the Del Mar Fair.
There are many vivid memories of walking around the fair with my little brother, my mom and dad.
I even remember certain outfits I wore.
I always liked to get fudge, or the mini cinnamon sugar donuts after watching them run through the whole donut making machine.
I liked looking at the animals, the art, the pools and spas in the garden pavilion,  (didn't you always wish you could take a dip in one of those) and of course the rides.
I liked the Tilt o Whirl and the swings the best.
Now I have another list of favorites:
The photo booths, of course are #1.
This year we got all 6 of us in the picture!
It's pretty amazing, I must say.
I'm in awe of the things people will fry.
And of the things people will eat.

One of my favorite things about the fair is the spectacle of it all.
Giant rides, giant, bacon wrapped, turkey legs, giant steer.
Who doesn't love the baby animals?
Even the pigs are cute.
But so smelly on a hot day.
The calves are my favorite.

Does anyone else find it so awesome that people still make things for the fair?
This gentleman was making wooden tops.
He gave some to the kids.
Jams, jellies, and canned peaches.
Love, love, love.
As far as the kids were concerned, this cake took the cake.
The shows are pretty fun too.
Jumping dogs!

We can't miss the 

Those pig races can get pretty intense.

And then there's one of the most favorite parts of the fair, the rides!
William likes the fun houses the best.
Lilly loves the carousel.

Davy dreams of the day it will be his turn.

This year, William tried the climbing wall.
That boy loves to climb.

We always pack our own dinner, but then everyone gets a treat.
William got a churro, James an ice cream cone, and Lilly tried dippin dots.
Aaron always says he's going to get something deep fried, chocolate covered, and with bacon, 
but he never does.
The night ended with fireworks.
Who could ask for more?
I'll be putting out photo booth strip up next.
Come back for a laugh.
Love from,
PS. More fun fair photos over at Picnics.

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Jill said...

We also love going to our local fair each September - such a wonderful tradition! I love reading your blog Greta, your spirit is so uplifting and your family is adorable! Keep up the great work :)