Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wanderings Now and Then

Late Saturday afternoon, we loaded up the kids, the sand toys, the beach towels and the surfboard, and headed to the beach.
A summer weekend without at least one beach trip feels like a loss.
I used to feel like summer stretched before me endlessly, but now I know better.
These warm, carefree days are fleeting.
1 year ago, Davy was 2 weeks old--a newborn asleep in my arms.
Now he's riding Daddy's surfboard.
When I look back, it is hard to remember our life without him.
But at the same time, this year has flown.
Looking at these pictures from exactly a year ago only makes it that much more real.
It's true what everyone tells me: they'll be grown up before I know it.
In 365 days later, and that helpless little guy is now following his brothers and sisters every where.
What they do, he must do.

He loved every second of it!
I'm glad we have another water baby on our hands.

There all love being out on the board.

James especially loves to take it out paddling around the bay.
I think he likes the freedom and independence he feels when he's out there by himself.
It's adventure!
So far he's only taken his boogie board in the waves, not the surfboard.
But he's getting in lots of practice standing so he'll be ready to when he's ready.
A month ago Davy didn't want to touch the sand, but now he's everywhere.
He's not even afraid of the water anymore.
It won't be a relaxing summer at the beach, but it will be a fun one.
As much as things have changed in a year's time, it's nice to see us back here, exactly one year later, doing the same things and enjoying it just as much.
And now:
It's still hard to get a picture with them.
From the looks of things, nearly impossible.
And check out Lill and Will in these photos.
Twin crazy people?
Hope your weekend was fabulous and the week ahead will be even better.
Love from,


Melanie said...

Hi, Greta. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your posts. I look at them as soon as I see the link on facebook. I'm enjoying watching your kids grow up through your photos. You are so right...take it from this mom of three (27, 29 and 30) goes way too fast! You are doing so many things well, so many things I wish I had thought of back then. Keep it up.


meg + andy said...

oh my, those photos of davy are just too much...really all 4 for that matter. awesome job capturing such beautiful moments. :)