Monday, June 27, 2011

Back To Reality

Aaron has been home with us for the last 2 weeks.
Today he goes back to work.
And we go back to reality.
We have all enjoyed every minute of it.
Really, really enjoyed it.
Having him home for so long has been heavenly.
This kind of heavenly.

We went to the beach 3 days in a row.
Just because we could.
Having dinner on the sand, staying until sunset and loving being together.

Aaron has not taken 2 consecutive weeks off since before James was born.
The last time he had more than a week off was when he was in grad school, I was a teacher and we had summers off.  
That was the life.
We took 5 weeks and traveled through Europe.
Then we got pregnant with James, he got a full time job, I started staying home and life was different.
Don't misunderstand. 
I am so grateful for Aaron's job and that we decided long ago that I'd stay home with our kids.  We want this life.
But I also really, really appreciated spending these last 2 weeks with him.
We all did.

And, all of you who have husbands who are teachers and get to enjoy summers off with your man, well, let's just say I am a little jealous of you right now.
OK.  A lot.
Because, I like to be with my man.
And having an extra set of hands around to help with the little people isn't so bad either.
Who am I kidding?  It ROCKS!

I like having someone to swim to the buoy with the boys,
I can't really leave Lilly and Davy on the beach while I swim out to sea.
I like afternoons spent building Lego space stations,
I'm not much of a Lego builder.
I like a Daddy who will take his kids for a hike with the moms and kids in our home school group.
I wasn't quite ready to do hikes yet.
I like sleeping in.
Going out to breakfast in the middle of the week.
Going out on dates in the middle of the week. (thanks mom and dad!)
Having another adult to talk to all day long.
I liked Aaron getting to spend so much time with Davy.

In the past, he's taken only a few days off after we've had a baby.
When I get home from the hospital, he's back at work.
But this time he decided to be home for a while.
He knows we'll never have this time back.
So he used his vacation time to stay home and take care of all of us.

I think it was a pretty wonderful of him.
And, despite the fact that we stayed home and just lived life as usual, it was still a wonderful 2 weeks.
I am grateful.

Today will be a bit of an adjustment, I'm sure.
For all of us.
Because they love their Daddy more than anything in the world.
He makes life good.

And I love my husband more than anything in the world for the exact same reason.
Life is just better when he's around.
"Happiness is being married to your best friend."

What a great way to start our days as a family of 6.
Thank you Aaron, for giving so much of yourself to us these past 2 weeks.
And now, I'm counting down the days to the weekend!

Love from,


hennymats said...

Ha, I know what you mean! I only have two kids (age 2 and 4) and with the second one my husband was back at work the minute I was home. So glad you guys got all this time together and enjoyed it :) We just got back from vacation (just a week, mind you) and it was so great to spend time as a family. Wishing you all the best for the next couple of days! (Oh, and I just came across this article over at babble that I thought was funny for those time when you're just overwhelmed:


Melanie said...

Great pictures as usual, Greta. But I especially love the one of Davy smiling while Daddy holds him. And the one of Lilly and Aaron with the same dimple on one side. Awesome. You'll do fine today, and you are in my prayers.

Terrie said...

I just love reading your blog, I just cant say that enough! thank you!

katie said...

Hope it goes as smoothly as possible, Greta. Davy is such a cutie. I love the picture with you and the four kiddos.