Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sights of Spring

Our home school group does an Easter egg hunt every year.
We head out to an open space somewhere, hide eggs and the kids hunt.
It's so much fun.
This year we went to a new location, Huntington Beach Central Park, and it was picture perfect.
The sun was out, the air was warm and this little guy greeted us as we walked into the park.

It felt like spring.
I haven't explored HBCP at all.
We always go across the street to the Shipley Nature Center.
Shipley is a beautiful place, but I discovered I like the park an awful lot, too.
The kids can't wait to explore some more.

There are lots of beautiful, little spots, like this one.

While some of the mamas hid eggs, we read the Easter story to the kids.
If you have never read this book, I cannot recommend it enough.
Go get it today.
The first time the kids and I read it through for our morning Bible time, I cried at every single story.
The love God has for us, as demonstrated through His Son, is portrayed so beautifully in this book, that you can't help but weep at it.
We're reading it again now because I love it that much.
Even if your kids are too old, too young, or you have none, get it for you.
You'll be blessed.
I promise.

As soon as the story was over, the kids were off.
The big kids found the eggs very fast.
Very fast.
Lilly only found these two.

She was stoked. 
(and yes, her buns are adorable in those tight, little leggings!)

She was even more stoked when some of the nice big kids shared their eggs with her.
And then she got an Easter treat from her pal, Avery.
I can hardly get Easter treats together for my own kids.
And Avery's mom manages to get treats for the whole group.
She's awesome like that.

My kids dug into candy right away.

As I was feeding David, and enjoying the joy on my children's faces as they ate candy, I noticed I was the lone mom not making her kids eat lunch before candy.

My kid was having his first Peep.
Who can think of lunch at a time like that?
"Mom, they're covered in sugar!"

A fine time was had by all, I assure you.
And after running about like maniacs due to their sugar high, we wandered the garden near the library.
It's small, but it was humming with life.
There were butterflies everywhere.

And this web, full of hundreds of baby spiders.
It was like Charlotte's Web!

My favorites were the hummingbirds.
I could have stayed and watched them all afternoon.

But we had to get home for a baseball game.
We did, of course, stop at the library's used book shop.
I didn't know they had one.
They do, and I scored.
I let the kids sprawl on the floor and devour all the books I would never buy (Captain Underpants, anyone?) while I scoured the shelves for the real treasures.
I found about 20 vintage books I had to bring home.
And when all the books are a quarter or less, 20 books doesn't add up to much.
It was, truly, a perfect day.
If you've never been, visit the park.
But save some vintage classics for me, OK?
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Happy Spring!

Love from,
PS.  I know, Easter is over and it is time to start planning our 4th of July parties, but I have a few more Easter posts.  Just deal with it, OK?


Betsi* said...

That is our absolute favorite children's bible too! And yeah, I cried the first time through too!

PM said...

Thanks for another beautiful message and the photos are amazing.

Jennifer said...

Oh, friend... you captured our day beautifully. :) And yes, the Jesus Storybook Bible gets me every time too. It rocks. And I was just getting ready to send you an email stating how I miss your blogs. But I decided to check in first. And here you were. :) I love when you blog Field School. :) And I just love when you blog. And I just love you. :) So good to hang today. Love you G-girl.

Jennifer said...

oh, and i really wish you would've included a pic of all the great books you found. but i guess i'll just have to come over and see for myself. xox

meg + andy said...

great post! glad to see pictures of your fun adventures and way to go on your awesome book finds- i bet it felt like christmas. ;)

valerie said...

love your Easter Dyed Eggs, they are so vibrant and bright! Your photos of the butterfly and hummingbirds are incredible too. love your blog ! Happy Spring!

Annette said...

I grew up going to Huntington Central Park! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :) And you MUST take your kids to the mud playground this summer - SO FUN!