Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fallbrook, My Hometown

One of the nicest things about holidays like Easter and Christmas is that we get to spend time in Fallbrook.
Aaron and I both grew up there.
It's where our parents live still.
So do 2 of my siblings.
I love Fallbrook.
I love the hills, the avocados, the views of Palomar Mt., the Mission Theater sign, open space, the old buildings, the curvy roads, the old oak trees, and the way the stars are so bright at night.
I love Main St.

I love that Aaron and I share so many of the same childhood memories even though we didn't know each other.
(which is so weird, because Fallbrook is a very small town and everyone knows everyone)
Whenever we go back, there are special things to do and places to visit.
Places that have stood the test of time.
Places like the Yogurt Palace.
Not Pinkberry, or Fro Yo or Yogurt Land.
This place is old school and it's been around for 35 years or so.
It's the very best.
Ask anyone.

Another favorite spot is Live Oak Park.
I've blogged about it before, but I can't help doing it again.
We love Live Oak Park.
It's beautiful this time of year.

The perfect place for senior pictures with trees and awkward head tilts.
Lilly's practicing.

It's also the perfect place for crawdad fishing.
You just tie a piece of hot dog to some fishing string, tie that to a stick and boom! you've got yourself a crawdad pole.
We're such hillbillies!

William had better luck than anyone else.
It's really no surprise since he's my catcher.
Lizards, grasshoppers, tadpoles, you name it, he's caught it and brought it home.
He really wanted to bring home a crawdad for a new pet.

I however, find crawdads to be disgusting--they remind me of underwater cockroaches--and was determined we would not bring any home with us.

In the past few months we've had snails, spiders, grasshoppers and an alligator lizard living in our house.
Right now we have 8 caterpillars.
I think I am pretty open minded about pets.
But I draw the line at crawdads.
William wants a bunny for his birthday, and I'd much rather have that than a crawdad.
So he fished and enjoyed the process, rather than the catch.

We had a great evening at Live Oak Park.
We bbqed hot dogs (the ones the crawdads didn't bite--kidding.) on the old, charcoal grills and watched the kids fish.
We were the last ones to leave.
I love my many, many memories of growing up in Fallbrook and I love that my kids are making memories there, too.
It's a part of their life, just like mine.
Love from,


Betsi* said...

I love these places too! Remember the soda fountain at the back of Rexall's Drug? And Saturday morning breakfast was such a treat at the Wayside Cafe. I love the Mission Theater and the backstage before the play starts, my head tingling with anticipation, because THIS was the big time! ;)

Mariana said...

Lovely post.

ps: You have such a beautiful family.
pps: ...and a lovely blog. :)

JDzJane said...

Hi Greta. This isn't really so much about your post. Although I did love it and it reminds me of the place I used to call home - Tehachapi. Anyway, I've noticed that it seems that you don't post as often as you used to. And it got me thinking. I know life gets busy homeschooling and having 4 littles. Believe me I know. I homeschool and have 4 little - well 1 bigger little and 3 little littles oh and another on the way. So I know what its like to have your days just full. But then the Lord started to move on my heart and remind me of where I found myself a bit ago. Lost in my own little world searching for some sort of light, something. I felt alone amongst everyone, tired, didn't know what was up or down, could hear my Lords voice. I just felt like I was lost in a forest and couldn't find my way out. I couldn't pray I just felt lost. And one night at Resurrection Camp Meeting a woman very near and dear to me came up to me and just handed me a prayer cloth that I had seen her praying over so hard and with such an intensity. As soon as she handed it to me I felt like the Lord had lifted the fog and I felt His warmth and His grace. I felt Him again. I don't know really what was going on other than the enemy was fighting me hard, but I was so thankful for me sister in Christ praying me through. So the reason I'm writing you is to let you know - I don't know what you are going through - it may be nothing at all - but I am here praying you through. If I can be the strength for someone through the Lord then I count it a Blessing. I pray that the Lord encourages you in this time. May he remind you of where he brought you from. May he show you His mercy His grace His joy. Let His light so shine upon your face.

Your Sister in Christ