Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Year We Were All In the Christmas Play

My Dad's church does a Christmas play every Christmas Eve.
Aaron and I have been in it for years.
Like 15 years.
We've played lots of different parts, but as soon as James was born, we had a new role:
The Holy Family.
James was baby Jesus, William was baby Jesus, and David followed in his brother's footsteps this year.
So this year, we were all in the play.
We pulled it off pretty well, don't you think?
I mean, we're practically glowing!
Check it out.

If only I had David wrapped in swaddling clothes for the picture.
But it was cold and I didn't want to undress him yet.
It's always a little crazy before the play starts and really crazy after the play is over, so we just did pictures when and where we could.
It was a lot of fun.

Lilly loves being an angel.
She was glowing too.

James was a shepherd for the 4th or 5 year in a row.
He missed the practice because of The Curse. (it struck him 2 days before Christmas)
But he wasn't worried.
"I've been in the play a lot of times, Mom.  I've got this."

William enjoyed his 3rd year as a shepherd.

He's turning into quite the little actor.
Just look at him hamming it up when the angles shone their heavenly light on him.

In fact, when it came time to deliver his line, he instead ad libbed his own line, unrehearsed and timed for optimum effect.
It was pretty funny and he got just the reaction he wanted from the crowd.
Something about going out for lattes.....

Aaron added his own bit of comedy to the play.
Insert your own irreverent caption here.

Midway through the play one of the angels got tired and sat on Joseph's lap.
Baby Jesus played with the hay.
And the shepherds were squirmy.

And just like every year, the play was a perfect success!

Maybe next year we'll actually get to be a part of the audience.
You never know.
Miracles do happen!
Love from,

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mandi said...

Love this! I always got to play Mary as a child because of my long dark hair. Man, I wanted to be an angel.

ps- I just saw on your profile page that one of your favorite books is My Antonia. Gasp! That is mine too! No one has ever heard of it. Such a tragedy!