Monday, December 5, 2011

Still Reeling

What a weekend.
I try not to pack our weekends too full.
I don't do well with too much activity.
But there are seasons when it can't be helped.
Spring--when everyone in our family except me has a birthday.
And Christmas time.
The kids and I will spend tomorrow recovering from all the fun we had this weekend.

Because I know you totally care, here's the recap.
Friday night, Aaron, Davy and I went on a date.
I love date nights with these 2 men.
We went to LA for a change of scenery and had a fabulous time.
More on it later.

On Sat, Aaron went to a crazy guy's house who was selling used bikes on Craig's list.
Aaron said he had a pile of like 1000 bikes in his back yard.
Not exaggerating.
Then he went to a used bike shop where a slightly less crazy guy had a slightly less tall pile of bikes to choose from.
James needs a new bike.
We thought we'd be all responsible and frugal, and buy a well made, used bike instead of a junky new one from China.
But let me tell you, it takes way more work to buy used than to just go to Target and buy a new, junky new bike.
Besides, sadly, the new bikes are often cheaper than the old ones.
We're still looking for a good, used bike--from a crazy guy or a sane one.

We also bought our Christmas tree on Sat.
Then, we packed jackets, hats, blankets and food and headed to the annual Belmont Shore Christmas parade.
We go every year--haven't missed it once.
We always see lots of friends, the kids eat way too much candy thrown to them from the floats and we get home way too late and the kids are way too cranky the next day.
But it's fun and we love it.
We take a family photo every time.
2011--Davy's first parade.

On Sunday morning Lilly and William were singing with the cherub choir in church.
Of course, it was the one morning Lilly was sleeping in past 8:30 and we had to wake her up.
William informed us that there was no way he was singing on stage today.  
Curse that Christmas fun!
I realized when I saw Lilly up on stage, lifting the hem of her too short, red dress, that I hadn't told her not to pull her dress up.
We got through the song without an underwear sighting, and William was all smiles and hand motions, so it all turned out good.

After church, Aaron and James drove 1.5 hours up to the high desert to look at a car.
Aaron's trusty, very beat up, old pickup bit the dust.
So Aaron's years long (not exaggerating) hunt for a new car was finally moving out of the fantasy realm and into reality.
He came home with this.

A 1963 Ford Falcon.
It's white with a turquoise interior.
He couldn't be happier.

He was looking for a car big enough to fit our whole crew.
And this is way cooler than another minivan.
I'm so happy for him.
I can't wait to show you some pictures of his old truck.  
Then you'll know why my man deserves a new car.
Well, old car.
It's been a long time coming.
He's been selflessly driving a falling to pieces vehicle for as long as there was life in it.
He's happy and so am I.
I'll take more pictures tomorrow by day light.
Can't wait!
This week I'm going to try to finish all my gifts.
I may or may not be here much.
It depends on how much fun I'm having with that.
Or how much fun I'm not having.
We'll see.
Love from,


Anonymous said...

Cutest car ever! Greta, your family is so beautiful! Hugs to you!

Jennifer said...

LOVE the parade picture! You look so happy!

We had a stuffed to overflowing weekend too. Fun, but exhausting.

Wendy said...

You know Dave had a red Falcon convertible when we started dating. When we got married people threw birdseed. Then in winter after the rain, the red carpet sprouted bright green grass!