Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Going to the Getty

The day after Thanksgiving, we woke our kids at 3 am and hustled them out to the Black Friday sales.
It was kind of worrisome that we were getting such a late start.
We needed to get our X box games for a steal.
Good thing we brought our pepper spray along, or we'd never have made it out without saving the big bucks.
Priorities people.
Oh wait.
We actually went to The Getty.
Because, somehow, that seemed more relaxing and fun.
(well, as relaxing as taking 4 little kids to a museum can be)

If you've never been to The Getty, I highly, highly recommend it.
If you are here visiting, take a break from the theme park circuit and get thee to The Getty!
And if you live in So Cal and still haven't visited, for shame!
It's such a fabulous place.

Warning: copious amounts of pictures to follow.
But really, how could I not take copious amounts of pictures?
It was a gorgeous fall day full of golden light.
There were trees full of fall color everywhere.
I have 5 stinking adorable people to photograph.
And, The Getty gardens are beautiful.
I couldn't stop myself.
The visit starts with a tram ride up to the top of the hill.
The kids loved this part.
Fantastic views of Los Angeles opened up before our eyes the higher we went.

Visit The Getty in the fall.


I have 4 kids!
I still find that hard to believe.

We didn't spend a lot of time inside the galleries.
A trip to see Van Gogh's Irises was in order.
Along with a little art history lesson from Daddy.
I would have liked to leisurely peruse, but the rooms were crowded, the guards were giving us looks and the kids really wanted to explore outside.
Rather than force everyone to look at art just because we were there, we just did a little.
It was a good start.
And it won't be our last visit.

And really, those gardens were calling our name.

The big grassy hill is just right for rolling down.

For wrestling.

And for stealing a moment with my husband, sitting close and pretending we don't have 1 kid crawling all over us and 3 others running around like crazy people.

We laugh a lot.
It keeps us sane.
And from crying.
At least most of the time.
Have I mentioned how much I love him?
I do love you, Aaron.  Heaps.

We followed the path down to the maze.
The kids were so bummed we couldn't actually go in the maze.
They asked me to take pictures of it so we could at least follow it with a pencil.

Lilly picked me lots of flowers.
Which is probably against the rules but still sweet.

Davy was a dreamboat, as ususal.
God knew just what sort of temperment we needed in our baby #4.
Thank you God, for our angel baby.

James really loved the sculpture garden.
This one was our favorite.
It looks very mid-century doesn't it?
It's called The Jousters and it's by Alexander Caulder.

The Sycamore trees were so beautiful.

William scored one of the seed balls for our nature table.
They're different than the spiky balls from the Sweet Gum tree--softer and actually full of hundred of sycamore seeds.

One of the favorite parts of the day was following this stream up to it's source.
Up the hill, crossing bridges.

Until they found this giant "cave".

Then up the stairs to a tiny stream of water that led to a small hole in the ground that let the water fall down to the cave and down to the stream.
William sent some leaves down the hole, ala Paddle to the Sea.

As I said earlier, the guards gave us lots of looks.
I thought they might kick us out when William crossed the line and got too close to a painting. (there was a literal line you were not supposed to cross.  we hadn't noticed it and therefore had not told him about it.  oops.)
He wasn't being naughty, just dropped his seed ball and was chasing it.
But he did get awfully close to a painting and the guard was there in a nano second to scold us.
I felt like I was 4 years old.
I hate getting in trouble.
They also didn't like it when the kids were walking along this wall.
See the guard standing there to make sure they didn't run or jump on it?
And see Aaron being a good example to our kids, "sure you can stand on this wall, kids!"
It's quite an experience to visit a museum with little kids in tow.
But I think they did a great job and it's never to early to start teaching them how to behave in all sorts of different environments.

The day ended with a visit to the lookout over the cactus garden.
Golden, setting sun and gorgeous views.
City, ocean, and mountains dusted with snow.
Say what you will about LA, but there is something pretty magical about that combination.

William tries to give me a heart attack.
There's quite a drop from this spot.
Into cactuses.

My darlings.

More of my darlings.
Good thing he has Sophie Giraffe to take out all his aggression on.
We didn't even know the tooth came through until yesterday.
His first one!

Umm, my husband is a babe.

And seriously the best daddy ever.
My kids are the luckiest.

I will not lie--I hate this picture of me.
Just like I hate almost all pictures of me.
But if I only put up pictures of me that I like, there would be like 2 pictures a year.
And there should be some pictures of the mama, am I right?
So I deny my vanity and post.
Here's the whole gang.

"There's snow on the mountains!"

Finding fossils in the travertine walls.


We stayed until sunset.

And walked/ran the 3/4 mile down the hill instead of waiting in line for the tram.
The views were spectacular.

All the way to the ocean.

Good bye, Getty.
We'll be back.
Get ready.
Love from,


Lillian Wujek said...

Beautiful pictures....beautiful family!

Betsi* said...

Beautiful! I love your copious picture posts! Looks like such a rich and over flowing day.
Also, you look cute in that picture, but you are cuter in real life! I'm glad you put up pictures of you, I'm always so happy to see my friend. And you totally rock the fuchsia tights!

hennymats said...

Oh how I would love a place like that here!

Gorgeous pictures. And don't be so hard on yourself, such cute kids don't come from nowhere...

Anonymous said...

Hi Greta,

We love going to art galleries and I know what its like to have the guards give you the 'look'. One thing we do which works really well to teach our kids about art and enjoy the experience of going to a gallery is we have them each bring a sketchbook and a pencil (the galleries don't look kindly on crayons or markers). Each room we walk into we say pick your favourite painting or sculpture and sketch it. They end up sprawled all over the floor of each room, with a few people annoyed but most people in admiration that 'young' people are engaging with the art. We've taught them that a sketch is just a quick drawing, not detailed (but they can work more on it at home). We then go to the next room. They love it. We now go to art galleries about 3-5 times a year. The really great galleries give you a kids treasure map at the information desk (where is the painting of the iris'?)- which makes it even more fun, but not all do that. It's worth the ask though. It really is well worth it to persevere and enjoy these places with our kids.

kim said...

Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous photos, Greta! Absolutely lovely shots of your adorable family and amazing shots of the Getty. I love, love,love that place. When I was in grad school at UCLA I would go there almost every weekend. Sniffle. Your photos really make me miss California. But that's okay. Many thanks from this mama stuck in the middle of nowhere in Montana!