Monday, August 1, 2011


In order for you to understand how far gone I am right now, you have to know that looking at the title of this post is making a Veggie Tales song run through my head.  
It's called "Busy" and it is extremely annoying.
It is very sad and wrong that a Veggie Tales song is stuck in my head.
But it's not surprising.  
I'm sort of walking around in a state of delirium.
Caused by these people.

They are kicking my butt.
I can't blame it all on Davy because he's a good sleeper.  
I get a good 6 or 7 hour stretch out of him every night.  And then I feed him and he goes right back to sleep.
But if you have ever experienced interrupted sleep, over and over for weeks on end, you know it starts to mess you up.
Especially when you can't be sure of a nap at some point in the day.

It's all of them.
Not that I don't love them to pieces, because I do.
It's just that there are a lot of them and 1 of me and I'm operating on a sleep deficit that is probably not healthy.
And when your day with children starts at 6 or 7 am and doesn't end until 10 pm, you get a little stir crazy.
For example, at 10 when the baby goes down, you know you should go to bed, but you are so stoked to have a moment to complete a thought or, sweet fancy Moses!, a sentence, that you just stay up.
To talk to your husband, to read a magazine or book, to go out with a friend or even blog.
And while this is refreshing at the moment, after a time, your mind starts to go.
That's where I'm at right now.

I don't write during the day--I have a myriad of other duties to attend to.
If I try to squeeze in blogging, time with my kids suffer and I don't want them to remember me writing about our life on my blog instead of living it.
Thus, if the nights don't allow for blogging, it doesn't happen.
And lately, it's not happening.
I miss it a lot, but like I keep reminding myself, this is a season.
I am learning, again, that I can't do everything. (think I get the lesson now, OK?)
Some days it feels like I can't do anything.
Except: feed the kids, nurse the baby, set up the pool, make some beds, make some snacks, nurse the baby, referee arguments,wash some dishes, make some lunch, nurse the baby, read stories, make some snacks, go for a walk,nurse the baby....
You get the idea.
I am deep in the throes of Mommydom right now.

I'm glad to be here, but I'll also be glad to come up for air.
This week I'm at "home" in Fallbrook, staying at my parents, and taking the kids to VBS at my dad's church.
We do it every year and my kids would not miss it for the world.
They even chose this over camping.
Even though it's a busy week, it will nice to be around other adults--especially ones who like to play with my kids (thanks dad!) and hold the baby and make dinner.  (thanks mom!)
And we'll go swim at my in laws as often as possible. (thanks mom and dad!)
I'm looking forward to the change of scenery.
Except I miss Aaron like crazy.
I guess I can't have it all.

So I won't be here this week--I'm taking another summer vacation.
However, in honor of my birthday (I'm turning 35 on Wednesday.  Eeek!) I am posting a gift guide over at Picnics In the Park.
There will be fun new stuff to drool over every day.
I can pull it off because I do not have to generate content.
It's another little break.
Go check me out over there and do some shopping.
Even if it's just window shopping like I'm doing.
It's still fun.  Promise.

I'll see you at Picnics and then back here next week.
Love from,


Swenja said...

Oh I know that feeling! Although I only have two of them (does my job count as no. 3?! ;)). But there are days when it takes me until 10pm to get out of that toddler bed (where of course I've fallen asleep) and I just can't go straight to bed. So I read blogs, have a snack (ok, fine, chocolate), some adult conversation. And regret it when my alarm goes off the next morning.

BTW, love that picture, the way Davy already looks at the camera so wide awake is just amazing.

So enjoy your stay in Fallbrook and have yourself a great birthday!

SiestaSister said...

What a great picture of your children!! I read both of your blogs. I went to school with Jackie (my senior year only) and found her on FB. She recommended your blogs and I really enjoy them.
p.s. In a few weeks I will be a great grandma. We are waiting for Connor's arrival : )

katie said...

Yes, it is a season. How fortunate are you that Davy is such an awesome sleeper?! Love that pic of your sweet kiddos. You are one blessed mama!!

hannah singer said...

the vbs/parents week sounds lovely. enjoy yourselves!
this is a rough season for me too sometimes. but i think i love it anyway:)

(love the pics of your little sweeties!)

Aaron Eskridge said...

You are doing a tremendous job. Thank you for all of your hard work raising this brood of ours! We love you for it. And, I love the new picture of our growing family.
They are the most precious little people in the world.

I love you,

Anonymous said...

so...I love your blogs! Found you from ohdeedoh earlier this summer, and you may be my twin (like you, I love mid century/retro/blues and greens). Oh, and I would love an old small airstream to remodel! My oldest now wants one too because I've shown him pictures, so we point them out to each other whenever we see one :)

I'm up in Alaska though...but I think you're in CA? My sister lives in LA. And I have 4 kids, had them in 5 years, so I can so relate to this post! Looking back, that first 6-7 months after my 4th was born was kind of a blur because I was soo tired! It will pass, and you just get into a groove with the kids and life. I'm still tired most days but nothing like back then (my kids are now 2, 4, 7 and 8, though birthdays are all coming up).

Happy birthday to you! I posted a link to your "say yes" post on my facebook recently, and many of my friends liked it. So thank you for that reminder.


Imperfectly Yours, Kimm said...

Oh snap! I should have wrapped that book up and given it to you on Wednesday!
Loved everything about today and can't wait to do it all over tomorrow with you.
Sometimes life with four just seems to be whipping my butt. Even when the days are good, like today, I am useless to blog anything when it's all over. God is good to have you in this season to strip you of yourself and give you His strength in your weakness. It hurts but oh so good. Love ya!