Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunsets at the Beach

Summertime "to do" lists were big this year.
I saw them everywhere.  Like this one.
But we didn't make a list this year.
My hands are too full of baby to make a summertime to list.
I just made plans to do our usual summertime traditions, the OC Fair, VBS and a camping trip.
But not much else aside from that.
My whole goal for this summer was that we would be taking it slow.
We'd be getting to know our new baby.
Swimming in our back yard pool and eating lots and lots of popsicles.
And going to the beach as much as possible.
If I had made a list, beach time would pretty much be the whole of the list.
I wanted to see as many sunsets at the beach as I could.
We're doing pretty well so far.

We manage to make it at least twice a week.  Often times, more.  Week nights and weekends.
During the week, the kids and I arrive at the beach in the late afternoon.
They play happily with friends while I nurse the baby and make sure Lilly doesn't drift out to sea on the boogie board she insists upon riding.  (remember, "I AM a good swimmer!")
Aaron arrives after work, about 5:30.
There is still plenty of sunshine left and he dives right into the water with the kids.
They swim to the buoy or across the channel to Naples.
They paddle boogie boards and surf boards.
Practice cannon balls.
Build sand castles.
As the sun starts to sink, everyone gets hungry and we all eat the food I packed.

And I say, "we should probably start packing up now."
And they say, "can we just go in the water one more time?"
And they do.

And the sun sinks a little lower.

And I say, "we should probably start packing up now."
And they say, "can we just bury Lilly in the sand?"
And they do.

And then she has to wash off.
And play in the water with Daddy just a bit longer.

And the sun sinks lower.

And I say, "OK, we really need to pack up now."
And they say, "can we just build our sand castle a little longer?"
And they do.

And the sun sinks lower.

And lower.
And by now, everyone is tired and cold and starving.
Because it is almost dark and they ate all the food I packed.
And I say, "we're really packing up now.  For reals!"

And they say, "can we run on the beach one more time?"

And they do.

Sometimes we stop at The French Frie Shop (aka In and Out) on the way home, or Taco Surf.
Sometimes they just have to eat their pb and js.
Sometimes they take a shower or just rinse off in the pool.
My floors are always sandy.
No matter how many times I sweep.
They fall asleep hard and fast and still wake up tired the next day.
Most days they ask, "can we go to the beach today?"
And most days we do.
Even if we don't make it until right before sunset.
It doesn't matter--we can still check it off the list.

Hope you are enjoying what ever is on your summer list.
Love from,


Melissa said...

looks absolutely wonderful!!!

lauren said...

how utterly lovely. i grew up in florida and your pictures look like my memories. i just took all my babies down there for a beach filled month... nothing begins and caps a day better than beach time. :)

katie said...

Greta, I so admire how you make the simple things in life so extraordinary. This is the 1st time we've had a list. I have to admit that we are seriously lagging on it, but I'm okay with it.

hannah singer said...

delightful beach outing! you know it was a good day, when you set the sun and are cold and starving. xo