Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Annual Photo Booth Shoot'

I love traditions.
I love making memories.
I love photo booths.
So our annual photo booth session at the Orange County Fair is a "things Greta loves" trifecta.

I have loved photo booths since 6th or 7th grade.
There was a booth in the Lucky's grocery store and my girlfriends and I would walk to Sprouts Ritz for candy and then to Lucky's for a sesh in the photo booth.
I still have some of those strips from trips with two of my best friends, Erin and Laurel.

I also have a strip from a photo booth in Geneva Switzerland.
I was 17 and on a mission trip.  
We were sightseeing for the day and found a photo booth.  
The person in the booth before us left his strip.
He was very mysterious with dark sunglasses and a big, black mustache.
It was very Amelie.  Before Amelie was around.
I still have that strip too.

There's another strip from one of Aaron and I's first dates to, where else, the fair!
Who knew then that we'd be trying to cram our 4 kids into a photo booth 17 years later?
It's a tight squeeze.
Really tight.

If you look closely, you can just make out Aaron's face in this strip.
He's that dark spot in the middle.
James is on the right.  
You can only see part of his hair and part of his eye in the first one and then less and less with each photo.
I love this strip.  

But we did want to get a photo with each kid in it, so we tried another technique.
Us and 1 kid per photo.
It required speed.
We weren't that fast.

Davy was easy because we started with him on our laps.
We got William in.
Lilly didn't make it.
And James got caught in the curtain.
I love this strip, too.

The last one was just me and the big kids.
You know how it is to be the family photographer--no pics of you.
So here I am.

No surprise, I love this strip, too.
These will be added to the wall of photo booth strips in the kitchen, bringing the current total to 14.
I'm hoping we'll be adding a few more before the year is over.
These strips are one of my most prized possessions.
They are so spontaneous, fun and perfect in their imperfection.
Truly one of our favorite family traditions.

I search out photo booths where ever I can.
In addition to the yearly strips from the OC Fair, we have strips from other booths.  But I am always looking for more.
If you know of any other photo booths in the LA, OC or San Diego area, do share.  
We'll be sure to make a special trip because I just can't get enough of photo booths.

There will be lots more fair pics this week.
And if you want to see more of our photo booth pics, go here, here and here.
(that second link shows that I am recycling photos and content, but there are 4 years of Fair strips to see--fun, fun!)

Can you believe there are only a few weeks left of August? 
This has been the fastest summer yet, and I am already mourning it's ending.
Enjoy the fleeting days of summer, my friends.
Go make some memories!  
Love from,

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katie said...

When I saw you post on FB that you guys were headed to the fair, I was wondering how you were going to manage to squeeze everyone in, but you did it!!

simply brookes: said...

greta, this is so one of my favorite traditions. you are so clever. what a wonderful idea. wish i had thought of it.
splendid, friend.

mandi said...

We are photo booth fanatics too! AND! This weekend I was going through them (dating back to when John and I were dating 19 years ago!!!) and I was thinking how I wanted to start a photo booth wall! That's so cool that you have one going already!

ps- these strips are so full of fun! thanks for sharing!

sarah grace said...

such a sweet family! and such sweet memories! i can't wait till i have kiddos of my own to make memories with. thanks for sharing!! :)

Megan B. said...

There used to be one down on Balboa Island, on the pier, maybe? My mom and I took pics in it when I was in college. Some of my favorite photos ever are photo booth generated, yet Mark and I have not taken our own. That's gonna have to change, SOON.

Lisa said...

North COunty Fair mall in Escondido I think has one, and Wild Animal Park and the Zoo too.
They are fun.

hannah singer said...

photo booths are my fave. we have loads of strips and always look for booths wherever we go! Y'ALL ARE PRECIOUS! xo

Jessica Cox said...

Our family started this very same tradition at the OC fair. We started it on mine & my husband's first date 11 years ago. Last summer we moved to ID (after the annual OC fair trip of course). So we have yet to get one for 2011.

I wanted to ask you how you display your annual photos. I started putting them in an 8x10 but ran out of room and wanted to do something more creative.