Saturday, July 2, 2011


I'm feeling a bit bovine these days.

There are 2 reasons for this.

Reason #1:  My body feels as big as a cow.
Not that I am doing anything about it, mind you. 
In fact, about the only thing I want to eat is coffee and chocolate.
If I could switch out that chocolate for cigarettes, all my problems would be solved, right?
Well, maybe not.
Intellectually I know that I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and my stomach was swollen beyond recognition and still is.
But when yet another person says to me, "when are you due?" it makes me feel a little crazy.
Like I want to say, "hey MORON, you see that newborn baby in my husband's arms, standing RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME?  He was born 2 weeks ago.  DUH."
Instead, I smile nicely and say, "actually, I just had a baby 2 weeks ago."
This happened last Sunday at church. It wasn't the first time.
And then I just want to pound another chocolate cupcake, washed down by an iced latte.
I suppose I should go for a walk instead.

It's always like this.  But it doesn't mean it gets any easier.
I think I am handling it better this time around though.
I know it is what it is and in time I will get back to normal.
After all, I am slowly getting out of maternity pants.
I am now squeezing into those clothes I have in the box labeled, "NOT PREGNANT.  STILL FAT."
You have to have a sense of humor about these things.

Reason # 2: Davy's been on the every 2 hour eating plan for the past couple of days and nights.

It's bad enough during the day. 
Hard to get much done when I'm sitting on the couch every 1.5 hours .  (it's every 2 hours from when you start the feeding, in case you were not aware of that fun fact)
But at night, it's utterly brutal.
I shouldn't complain.
It's our first spell of this with him.
Until now it's been 3, 4 or even 5 hours between feedings.  
And I never have had a baby that wants to eat every 2 hours for any length of time.
I am sure he's having a growth spurt.
But still.
I can hardly think straight after 2 nights of seemingly constant nursing.
So, yeah, feeling like a mama cow right about now.

Thankfully it is the weekend, and a long one at that.
Aaron is home and taking care of the kids while I nurse away.
The kids are splashing happily in the biggest blow up pool we could find.
I am getting a moment of baby not attached to me time to type out some drivel, since I can't formulate thoughts deep enough for the post I really want to write: Lilly's 3rd birthday letter.
Maybe tomorrow.

But for now, I will finally take a shower, and then I think we're heading to the beach.
Because it's hot, and it's 4th of July weekend.
And the beach is always fun.
And I apologize in advance for those of you who might see me on the beach looking rather cowish: nursing my baby and filling out last summer's swimsuit a bit too much.
That''s life on the farm right now.
Oh the joys of postpartum.  
One of my favorite readers, Pam, explained it so perfectly: 
"it is the best of times and the worst of times."
So, so true Pam.  

Happy 4th to you all.
Hope it's wonderful!
Love from,


Pam... said...

You are too funny! You just have to laugh, or you'll for sure cry. Anyway, we all know that you are cuter than that cow.
Lovely cravings!
(the midwife wants you to know that you are craving sugar because you are tired and a milk making factory. Try to eat the proteins, fruits and veggies and drink tons of water. Then a treat...)

Back to your friend Pam. Who was that midwife commenter anyway? What a party ruiner. She should mind her own business. I love the way you labeled your box!!! Sorry about those mean people who insinuated that you were pregnant. THE NERVE!!

Mrs. Haid said...

Condolences on your lack of sleep. I get it. My daughter is 6 weeks older than your son. We're back to that phase again, after a blissful 4 hour stretch of continuous mama sleep.

jessicaclarke said...

I can totally relate. My youngest is almost 3 months and I just got back to working out about a month ago, but with 3 little ones 3 and under it's hard to find the time and motivation to do it. I also once had someone ask me if I was pregnant after I had my first son, but I think he was 6 months at the time, so don't feel bad. Anyways I thought people knew you should never ask that question unless someone has told you they are pregnant. Love reading your posts:)

Tammy Callis said...

You are so funny and honest as usual! I'm feeling very cow like right now as well and I know once I have this baby I'll feel that way even more. If it helps any I think you look amazing and just remember you've created 4 beautiful, healthy, strong children with that body of yours, even if your stomach is a bit swollen at the moment =)

hennymats said...

So funny! Yours is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite blogs to read!
The good thing about those feel-like-a-cow moments is that they're related: the more Davy drinks (and I SO remember that feeling of being stuck on the couch with a baby all day!) the sooner you'll be in your favorite pair of jeans... (and the more chocolate you can eat anyway ;)).

Have fun at the beach and all the best from Germany :)

Lisa said...

my sister's boys are 16 (yrs) and she still gets asked when she is due so cut yourself some slack mama. I drank more water than I thought humanly possible while nursing and it really helped produce lots of milk and shed extra weight. You are cute no matter what size you are. keep smilin'!!

hannah singer said...

oh goodness. people: they can be the worst!!
press on with the kind attitude!

you are beautiful, and you have darling babies.

Mrs. R said...

I know your computer's down, but I wondered if you've ever used a baby carrier? It made getting things done soooo much easier, and I'm really looking forward to trying nursing in one whenever we have our 2nd kiddo. My *baby* just turned 2 at the end of June, and he's getting kinda heavy, but still loves to be carried on my back in a Mei Tai when we're out shopping. When he was a newborn, I'd use a wrap, and he would snuggle in and sleep for hours while I did dishes, vacuumed, or just vegged in front of the computer. :)

Lasso the Moon said...

I am there with you! My third is ten weeks old, but when she was just 3 weeks, we went to a wedding and got the same question several times. Yes, I was wearing a maternity dress. NO, I AM NOT ALREADY PREGNANT WITH NO 4!! (at least i don't think i am...) Thanks for making me laugh. I am just getting out of the not pregnant, still fat clothes and into the not so fat, but still not myself wardrobe.