Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 I've been MIA.
We had a power outage at our house last Sat night. 
Afterwards, our computer, our very old computer, would not turn on.
Aaron told me to try not to act so sad.
I fully admit to really, really, really wanting a new computer.  But I do not nag about it.
Or cajole.
Or pester.
I just hope and wait.
For a power outage, apparently.

I have not asked once when we are heading to the Apple store to get a new computer.
I did ask if he could find out about getting our old computer fixed.
Yes, I am that good of a wife.
But I know fixing that dinosaur is probably not going to happen.
(Trying not to be sad.)
So, until we get down to that Apple store, there will not be much, or any, blogging happening.
I miss it.

Right now I am using my parent's computer.
I am down at their house waiting for one of my oldest and dearest friends to have her baby.
She's in labor right now!
I am nursing Davy at my Mom and Dad's before I head back to the hospital to be there when her baby is born.
I can't wait.
And I'll probably walk out of there thinking insane thoughts about having another baby myself.
Because seeing a baby be born does that to me.
It's amazing.

So, that's the update.
I'll be back here.  Eventually.
And I am looking forward to it.
After all, I have a 3 year old birthday girl post to write, 1 month old (sigh. really?  already?) baby pictures to post and just so much more to write about.
Check back in, OK?
Love from,


Betsi* said...

Tell Erin I'm praying for her and can't wait to hear about the little one!

hannah singer said...

you are a great wifey.
hope you can get a new computer soon.
of course i will check back!!

Imperfectly Yours, Kimm said...

Well it's a good thing that our yearly hang out time is coming up! Soon I can talk to you live :)