Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ice Cream Man

Sometimes you just need a treat from the ice cream man.

Like when you've been stuck at home for 3 days with a summer cold.
And you want very badly to go to the beach because it is hot.
And you've played with all your toys and are growing tired of laying on the floor listening to your mom read you books.
You need a distraction.
You need a Bomb Pop.

We seldom buy ice cream from the ice cream man.
It's been over a year.
He still slows waaaay down every time he drives by our house in hopes that my kids will come tumbling out the door.
Well, today I made everyones' dreams come true.
"Do you guys want to get ice cream?" I asked them in the middle of the story I was reading to them.
They leaped off the floor and ran to their room for pants.  
(of course they're in their underwear.  it's hot and they're sick.)

My favorite thing about letting them get ice cream from the ice cream man is how each one chooses an ice cream that matches their personality perfectly.
William chooses the Sponge Bob pop because his Nana loves Sponge Bob.
"I want to get one of these for Nana sometime," he said.

James chose the biggest popsicle on the menu.

And Lilly chose the pinkest.

I'm hoping that all this rest, the early bed times and the extra sugar they got today (feed a cold, right?) will make them well soon.
Because I'm ready for the beach too.
3 days of summer sickness feels like an eternity.
And I'm really hoping Davy doesn't get his first cold.
But I'm afraid there might be no escape for the poor baby.
I guess that's life when you are #4.

Now I'm off to bed because I am pretty sure this will be a long night.
For all of us.
Love from,


Laura said...

i think getting ice cream from the ice cream truck is one of the happiest & sweetest memories of childhood! i think you made their day!
hope everyone is feeling better soon!

katie said...

So glad to see you writing again. I'm sure your time is limited, but I missed your posts!