Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Memories

When Aaron asked the boys where I would like best to go for Mother's Day, they said, "to bed."  (so right on that one)  Then William said, "the bathroom."  (if he meant taking a bath, right again)
But after a little more thought they suggested Paris and Palm Springs.  
I love that they know me so well.
Neither of those were doable this Mother's Day, so Aaron asked me what I'd like to do instead.

If I could plan my perfect day, it would most certainly start with going out for breakfast.
I'd rather go out for breakfast than any other meal.
It is such a luxurious way to start the day.
The rest of the day would be made up of some of my other favorite things: being by the water, hiking a beautiful trail, visiting vintage shops, sitting in an outdoor cafe with a good coffee, and mostly, taking things slow.
Last year we did a number of things on my list.
But after a looong day of birthday partying on Saturday, I was just way too tired to do much of anything.
So after church, I took a nap and then decided we should go to Balboa Island.

Truth be told, it wasn't one of our normal outings.
I mean, for starters, we went to the arcade.
So what's the big deal about that?
We have never even taken our kids to Chuckie Cheese.
We don't own any video games and our kids don't play them on the computer.
I despise video games.
Do you hate me yet?
That's OK.  You wouldn't be the first.

But the boys wanted to ride these motor cycles.
The looks on their faces made it worth a trip into my personal purgatory.
For at least one day of the year.

Judging by these pictures, Aaron may secretly like video games and is afraid to tell me.
I'll try not to hold it against him.

Lilly is a girl after my own heart and wanted nothing to do with the arcade.
She just wanted to ride the carousel.

They had these tiny horses that she fell in love with.  "Look! Baby ponies, Mama!"

The boys rode the big ones and pretended to sword fight the whole time.

I meanwhile, was feeling this Mother's Day treat calling my name:
The Balboa Bar.

It did not disappoint.
We split 2 between the 5 of us and it was more than enough.
I think Lils ate more than anyone.

But she was happy to share.

While the boys went back for one for motorcycle ride, Lil sat and enjoyed her, uhh my, Balboa bar.

And then we had to try the Ferris wheel.

Just James, Lilly and I.
The boys never would have ridden one at 2, but Lilly is cut from a different mold.
The 3 of us had a blast.

We waved at Daddy and William down on the ground. put our hands in the air, James explained exactly how the Ferris wheel worked and we laughed.  A lot.
I love having fun with my kids.

Next we rode the ferry.  
It reminded me of the time Aaron and I rode the Star Ferry in Hong Kong a hundred million years ago.
It also made me want to go to Seattle.

We played on the beach for a while while the clouds rolled in.

My 3 darlings were so cooperative when I asked them to let me take their picture.

James took some of Aaron and I.  And baby C or???  We still don't have a boy name.

We stayed until the neon lights came on.

And we drove home watching the sunset.

As we were walking back to the car, James said it was the best Mother's Day he's ever had.
I do what I can to make these people happy, don't I?
We got home, put the kids to bed and Aaron and I passed out on our bed, fully clothed, teeth unbrushed and on top of the covers, before 9 pm.
He was supposed to be giving me a foot rub.
Apparently we were tired.
Mothering (and fathering) will do that to you.

This day made me glad.  
Glad I have these little people to love.
Glad I will have another one to hold and love soon.
I thought about baby 4, and I missed him.  Or her.
Motherhood is so often tinged with that bittersweet, isn't it?
Glad to walk this journey of motherhood with my best friend.  
He helps me be a better mom.
There is much to be grateful for.

Love from,


Anonymous said...

You are the best mom, Greta! James took a beautiful picture of you and Aron. Wishing you all the best!

Pam... said...

How wonderful! I saw lots of smiles; and what amazing smiles you two have! This was so sweet. Like a picture book story. Thanks for sharing!