Friday, March 25, 2011

87 Days to Go--Not That I'm Counting

I woke up this morning with the worst charlie horse I have ever had in my life.
My leg is still sore, right now, 17 hours later.
In fact, I would eat a banana before bed, but I am having my glucose test for diabetes in the morning, and I don't want to mess it up.
Besides, it would probably just make my acid reflux worse.
The acid reflux I have from the water I just drank.
Oh wait, am I complaining too much.

I wanted this kid to have some pictures of us together while he is still in there.
And since I am the only one who takes pictures around here, I had to take matters into my own hands.
Obviously I am not that good at it.
Oh well, someday I'll look at these pictures and say, "look how young I was."
And, "I wasn't even that big yet."

Certainly not big enough for people to say, "wow.  are you sure you're not having twins?"
If that comment gets made many more times, I may have to slap someone.
Or there was this one, made by an employee at Trader Joe's who hadn't seen me for a while, or me with all 3 kids in tow and giant belly joining the gang.
"Dang!  You're a machine!"
What kind of machine, exactly?
I didn't get mad because we're friends.
Besides, he's single and a guy and therefore clueless.

I am feeling huge.
But I looked back at this post where I said I felt huge and I look tiny compared to now.
That means in 87 days I am going to feel really huge.
And I will be huge and that is just the way it goes with me and babies.
All I can say is, praise God for nursing.  It's my miracle diet.

Aside from feeling huge, I am feeling better in other ways.
A bit less tired.
I am napping almost every day now and I don't feel a bit guilty about it.
The kids are really good about it.
Especially if I let them watch a video while I nap.
Which I do sometimes.
And I don't feel a bit guilty about it.

I'm also slowing down through the day.  I am staying on top of the laundry and chores and expecting the kids to help out more and it all makes for a less stressed out mommy.
I am not so tired out when I am home more.
I do not find it so hard to keep up with running my home when I do the work in the morning when I have energy.
It's good.  I'm learning.

I am still itching like crazy every night.
My test results for this came back negative.  
That was a big relief.
And while I am really happy about the news (one less chance for a c-section--yay!) I am still wondering why I am still itching like mad every night.
I am hoping and praying it goes away soon.
Thanks for your prayers, emails and phone calls about the test.  I felt loved and supported.
Now does anyone want to come over and rub my feet and scratch my legs?
Cause that would help a lot too.

Now I'm off to bed so I can rise early and drink bright orange sugar water and get my blood drawn.
Babies are wonderful.  And I love giving birth.
But pregnancy is not my favorite.
Just trying to keep it real.
Love from.

And yes, Aaron is now painting the inside of our door turquoise.  Because we are on a big time turquoise kick.  Check my other blog to see more.


Simply Brookes: said...

Love this post! Show that belly girl. One thing I'm glad I did while preggers: pregnancy journal, with photos each month.

Love that belly, G.

Jami Nato said...

hahahaha....why do people say the dumbest things. i feel so huge too. pregnancy is not kind to me. nor is the acid reflux...our babies must have a lot of hair! ha...

Anonymous said...

Bad comments after you have given birth?

with my 1 month old in tow in infant carrier .... someone I hadn't seen in a while said "oh i didn't know you where pregnant while pointing to my (post prego belly)! I was shocked and didn't know how to respond.... so i held up the baby in the carrier and said, well actually just had one a month a go..... like you , didn't get tooo offended as he was single and a guy! :) clueless :)

hang in there YOU'RE so close :)


Betsi* said...

I'm getting the twins comment constantly too! I've just resorted to saying "No, this is just what a fifth pregnancy looks like". Still, rather irksome!
Love the pics. You are seriously so cute!

mygirl said...

so glad the test came back negative - such a relief! glad your taking pics because even though you may not feel cute, you do look cute and you will want to remember it someday:) good luck with the orange drink - ugh! i hated that part the most.

Pam... said...

Oh, how great about the negative test! Sorry you are tired, gaggy and uncomfortable. You look beautiful. I don't lavish out things like that. And you should listen to me because I have had 15 pregnancies and am a midwife: you don't look too big, but perfectly right! (believe me?)
lol! I was often told the one about twins too. People do say the strangest things. Who cares? Just smile and let it roll off! God bless.

Terrie said...

You look alot like I did at your age, which seems like a very long time ago. You can tell we are cousins. I cant wait until you have this baby. Thanks for the great blog.

Tammy Callis said...

Oh so happy that the tests came back negative, I've been praying for you and that little one. And as everyone else said, you look adorable! I haven't been getting the "twins comment" but I've been getting "so just a couple months to go" and I have to say "more like 4 1/2, thanks!". I saw my midwife this morning and she reminded me to give myself grace because EVERY pregnancy symtom happens earlier with subsequent pregnancy's. It was nice to hear, I thought I'd pass it along since your marathon natzi doctor won't be telling you that =) Love you!

Anonymous said...

You look great! It's been so great seeing you and Heather McAdow prego at the same time. You two are such cute prego girls. I have a girlfriend who had the pregnancy itch with all 3 of hers. It came earlier with each one and was worse at night. She took a lot of not to hot oatmeal baths and that seemed to help.

Hang in there and I love your posts!

Sue said...

Greta, when I was pregnant I itched like crazy, too. Turns out I was sensitive to MY HUBBY'S medication. Yes - he took the meds, and I itched because of it. It's one of the craziest things I've ever heard of, but with my allergies, I guess not all that surprising. I hope it doesn't drive you crazy! You look great, too - I wish I carried my kids in front, but both of them just made me wider LOL