Tuesday, January 4, 2011

16 Weeks

We felt the baby kick this morning.  
All of us.
We were sitting around the kitchen table, eating breakfast, when I felt like there were firecrackers going off in my belly.
"The baby is kicking!" I yelled.
Aaron jumped up and put his hand on my belly.
"Can you feel that?" I asked with a smile a mile wide.
He could.
Then every one's hands were on my belly.
And we all felt this new life, already so loved and celebrated.
It was amazing.

This is the 4th time I have felt a baby moving in my belly.
But it never ceases to awe me.
I have been waiting for the kicks to be strong enough for everyone else to feel.
It was so much fun to share it with them.
I want to remember forever my 3 babes gathered around, hands on my stomach to feel their new sibling kicking at them.
I want to remember forever Aaron talking into my belly, saying, "I love you little baby," and the 3 of them following suit.
"Do you think it understands words already?" James wants to know.
All the sickness, the discomfort, the fatigue fades away in these moments and it is so worth it.

At 16 weeks, I already feel HUGE.
I feel huge with every pregnancy.
It isn't just a feeling--I am huge.
James was the only one I didn't show with right away.
I struggled with it at first, as if it were the olden days and I had to hide the fact that I was "in the family way."
When a friend saw me at 8 weeks and gasped, "wow! You're already showing!" I tried not to be bothered.
But then I realized: why?
Of course I am showing!  This is my 5th pregnancy.  And I was pregnant less than a year ago.
And, worse part, I have gained more weight in my first trimester with this pregnancy than I have with any other.
Like an embarrassing amount.
Like I would not have told my husband but he was with me and heard anyway.
Like I am not going to admit to you how much.
But I will say that 3 months of carbs and no exercise doesn't help with the weight gain.
I explained that to my Dr. and her response was, "you can start exercising now."

In many ways I have felt unable to fully enjoy this pregnancy.
Between all the distractions of the 3 big ones, the tiredness, the sickness and the emotional ups and downs I have been experiencing, I find whole days go by and I haven't even said a word to the baby.
Yes, I talk to the baby.
As often as I remember to.
Poor 4th child--neglected already.

So today was extra special.  
I will remember it always.
Sitting around our kitchen booth, sun streaming in the windows, soft boiled eggs and toast on the table, except for William who won't touch eggs, and all of us there, jumping up to experience this new person that is already a part of our family.
From the very start, babies are a miracle.

Love from,


Imperfectly Yours, Kimm said...

Always so exciting and never dissapointing :)
BTW William and my Lily were meant for each other for sure, she hates eggs.

Four Flights said...

Congratulations on this fun milestone in the baby's wee life! Kicks are the best part of pregnancy (and the eating part too) :)

Betsi* said...

Oh! I can't wait to see you again! I love that you are pregnant and I love the way you look. You are beautiful!
Next time you come down to Fallbrook, we have to get together. I'll come to you this time! I'm bursting to love on you and your wee, tiny growing thing.
Love, Betsi*

Erin McDonald said...

I LOVED THIS POST!!! Well not as much as I love you! I am so happy for you and your family!
As for the weight gain if it makes you feel better my Dr told me that even though I have yet to gain any weight that I am in the OBESE stage one category. Yeah I know compared to the mini people I am surrounded by I am not only Obese but a giant but to be told that ugg! I do exercise, HELLO I have to climb two flights of stairs every night to go pee and I do it again about three times a day. I try not to eat the deep fried foods they serve every day, and I don't eat six cups of rice like they do either. I smiled and thanked the Dr for the information and went to the grocery store and bought anything I could find that looked good. I ended up with three liters of milk, a thing of cottage cheese, a pile of fresh veggies, a bag of veggie crisps, two cans of peaches in syrup (I know that is bad but they are sooo good!) and a bag of flammin hot cheetos for Justin. Oh and a pack of real beef hot dogs! They are so much better for you than the red ones!
Well needless to say I may not lose any weight but I am praying that I start to gain soon so I can feel our little bean kicking!
SMOOOOCH! love you!

Pam... said...

As a midwife, and a mom who has been pregnant 15 times...
I want you to hear me. You look beautiful. You look normal for how many weeks you are. Women show much earlier with the more babies they have. Stop feeling guilty, but do exercise and eat right for baby. It's the way you nourish and cherish him or her. God will help you.
The best way to exercise is to dance around to Wee Kids or Hide em in YOur Heart with the kids, and if you are a multitasker...pick up the rooms as you jog/dance around. This is my secret trick for each day.
Last, you are heaping guilt upon yourself. God sees only a daughter in which he loves and cherishes. Let him lift up your head and then look into his beautiful face. Be transformed.

Pam... said...

Ps. forgot to say congratulations!! How exciting to feel baby kicks!

Betsi* said...

Oh, I forgot to add that Justin walked by the computer as I read your post and said "Wow! Greta is looking really hot!"
Haha! So there!

DMK - "HOT PINK MOMMY" said...

Don't worry too much about the pregnancy weight, four busy kids will help you drop it quick...wink-wink!

Happy 2011 and Many, Many Congratulations,

Terrie said...

Are they sure there is only one baby? I am so happy to hear you are feeling the baby now. Take care cousin.

erin said...

i agree. i think you look gorgeous. your body is doing what it needs to to nourish this amazing new life! yay for kicks and flutters!!

now if i could only listen to myself - 35 weeks on Friday and I feel like a house!!

love your photos - you look so deservedly happy and at peace in those moments. thinking of you often from down here in San Diego