Monday, February 21, 2011

New Babies and A List (which you must read)

Three of my dearest friends had babies this week.
It has been so wonderful to experience 3 times over that joy that is unlike any other in the world.
There is just nothing quite so wonderful as a brand new baby.

My friend Jana called me last Saturday and said, "I think I am in labor."
She's done it twice before, but it was 5 weeks before her due date, so it just didn't seem like it could really be happening.
But it was.
And I got to be there!
It is the 3rd birth I have gotten to witness and I still cry when I think about each one.
(I've experienced 3 of my own of course, but it is quite different when you are not the one in the bed.)
I took at least 200 pictures, but this is one of my favorites.

Jana is from the Czech Republic, and all of her family lives in Prague.  
Here she is, calling her mom with the news, not only that it was a girl, but also that she arrived 5 weeks early!  The joy on her face is something I will always remember.
I am forever grateful I got to be a part of that most special day with my sister friend, Jana. 

Next up was my friend Heather.  Heather and I have been friends since we were 13.
And we've stayed friends.
Even though we have lived thousands and thousands of miles apart for years, it has not damaged our friendship.  We love each other.
I didn't get to be at Heather's birth, nor have I seen anything but pictures of her sweet baby, because she lives too far away.
But I rejoiced with her in spirit as she welcomed her 3rd baby girl into the world.
She started a little later than me, but she managed to sneak in that 4th kid before I did.
That's right--4!  3 girls and 1 boy.
And here's the newest girl.

She was hours old when this picture was taken.  Isn't she beautiful?  Her eyes are so bright and alert.
She is amazing.
(I hijacked this off your FB page Heath.  Hope you don't mind)

And then, this Saturday, while laying in bed and enjoying a sleep in Saturday morning (8:30 for me) I get a text from my dear Jen.
She was at the hospital, in labor, and texting me that the baby would be coming soon and to let everyone know.
Only Jen!
I got to meet her sweet boy today.

He has sideburns!  I love a baby with good hair.
He is sweet and snuggly and slept like and angel the whole time I sat and rocked him.
His mama was taking a shower and his brothers were at grandma's so it was just he and I.

It made me think.
It was not quite 7 years ago that I was holding my boy in the rocker.
And now he's drawing plans for our kitchen remodel, going to baseball practice and cruising the flea market with his daddy, admiring Civil War guns, swords and bayonets.
I can't hold him in my lap anymore.
He is closer to teenager than baby.

I wasn't surprised to feel my eyes welling up.
And I hope I remember this time how quickly it all passes by.
I hope I sit in the rocker a little bit longer and just watch my baby make newborn faces, listen to him make newborn sounds and smell his newborn smell.
Because like Jen said, there is nothing sweeter than a fresh babe.

(Audrey's tiny toes)

And lest you think I forgot: The List.
Jen posted this list a week or so before she had her baby.
I loved it and took note.
This morning I arrived at her house with muffin and latte in hand--for her.
I instructed her to take a shower while I held the baby.
Which is no big sacrifice for me, right?
(although, upon review of the list, I realize I should have emptied the trash can or swept the floor.  looks like I'll be going back)

If you know someone having a baby soon, or just remember being a new mom yourself, take a look at the list.  You'll chuckle.
I especially like the black cotton underwear part--size __.

Love from,

PS.  No, we did not find out we are having a boy.  I just didn't feel like writing he/she. So I might be sitting in the rocker smelling her newborn smell.  Only God knows at this point.  


katie said...

Oh, Greta, this is so beautiful. I miss my babies. I look at Luke all the time now and I can't believe he's 8. Then I look at Jack and how at 3 he is bigger than Charlie. I need super time freezing powers.

Simply Brookes: said...

You are next! What is better than new life and a new baby?

Thanks for the post.

Betsi* said...

That list is awesome! Those fresh babies are just so cuddly!

classic • casual • home said...

Sigh. So precious. those tiny toes, smile.
Mary Ann