Saturday, February 19, 2011

Putting Down Roots

A few weeks ago we planted our first fruit trees.
A plum and a peach.

We're putting down roots and it feels good.

One of the things we loved about this house right away were the fruit trees already planted here.
A big, (gigantic) beautiful avocado tree to remind us of our hometown (Fallbrook-avocado capital of the world) and one of Aaron's musts on our house list.
Can you believe he actually found a house with one?  I can.
And orange trees.  Oh how we have loved those orange trees.
Also blackberry vines.  We're getting them back in shape this year and I have hopes for making jam.  
Or at least some pies.
The family that lived here before us were big into fruit trees too.  I love that about them.

Our yard is small, but we have plans to turn it into as much of an orchard and farm as we can. Do I dream of more room to plant lots and lots of trees?  To have a bee hive?  
To have a cutting garden and an herb garden and a vegetable garden?
Of course I do.
But I probably wouldn't have time for it all.
And besides, wanting more isn't going to stop me from loving what I have.
We're making the most of our suburban backyard.

I grew up walking out to the back yard and picking fruit off the tree.  Or fighting my brother for it, since ripe fruit seemed to be one of the few things that seemed to get him out of bed early.
There are few things I know of more enjoyable than picking a warm from the sun peach, plum or apricot.
So soft you eat them right there on the grass, letting the juice drip down your chin and hands, and going back for another as soon toss the pit over your shoulder.
Home grown fruit is one of life's greatest pleasures.
I am happy to share it with my kids.

James worked alongside Aaron pulling weeds out of the planted and prepping the soil for our bare root trees.  I love to see these pictures of the 2 of them working together.  James loved every minute of it.
It is a good thing for a boy to work with his Daddy.

While this narrow planter bed isn't ideal, it is the best place we had for the trees at the time.  Due to my complete lameness, our original spot for them did not work out.  Next to our house and alongside our neighbor's driveway seemed the perfect spot so I gave my parents the go-ahead to pick up the 2 bare root trees for us.
What I failed to take note of was the placement of the sewer lines and gas lines in my "perfect spot."
If it weren't for Aaron, we might have had some problems on our hands.
Live and learn.
We had to get the trees into the ground--bare root trees won't last long out of it--so we chose this spot. James noted that our neighbors will get all the fruit on their side of the fence.  I noted that too, but I kept this childish thought to myself.  Him saying it aloud proves how childish I really am.
I guess it is time I finally learn to share.

While James and Aaron worked away, William scoured the freshly turned earth for worms.  He found lots, which made his little bug loving heart happy.
He also found this guy.  He placed him in a jar with dirt, sticks and plenty of leaves.  He named him Rocket Launcher and in a couple of weeks we watched RL build a little cocoon.
Just this week we watched him fly away.

Lilly did her own sort of flying while the boys worked.

When it came time to dig holes, William wanted in on the action.  
But mostly so he could look for more worms.

And finally, it was time to plant our trees.
James got to hold them straight while Aaron back filled the holes and watered them.
After all his work with those trees, James feels a strong connection to them.
He and I check them often for signs of growth.

And in just 2 years, we should have our first crop of fruit.
A lesson in patience, yes.
And a lesson in delayed gratification.
Growing things teaches us so much.

It's only February, but I can't help thinking about spring.  For more dirt, plants and growing things, check out Picnics in the Park.
Love from,


Anonymous said...

"wanting more isn't going to stop me from loving what I have"... I do like this note... and RL is the best name for a worm ever.

Terrie said...

I grew up with a lemon tree, grapefruit tree, apricot and a peach tree, those were the best peaches I have ever had, and I havnt been able to find one that even came close. I still remember the juice running down my face and hands. YUMMY