Monday, October 4, 2010

Remembering This Moment: Best Friends

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important message.
Home schooling week, the longest running, shortest amount of posts ever, will be back tomorrow.
But today is Monday and it is time for Remembering This Moment.
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Remembering this Moment: Best Friends

While I was growing up, and to this very day, my family had some very dear friends, the Pedersons.  They were family friends while I was still in diapers, or at least running around with my underwear on my head.  We grew up with their kids, Erin and Brian.  We loved them and we also fought like siblings.  We had the chicken pox together.  We went trick or treating together.  We invented many elaborate types of tag and hide and go seek. We've been in each other's weddings.  Erin was with me when James was born.  Brian still teases me like a sister.  We have cried together.  Laughed together.  Loved each other.  And our lives are entwined forever.
Cathy is my second mom.  I love her more than I could ever say.
I know I could call on Ed anytime, day or night, and he would be there to help me out, no questions asked.  Just like my own dad.
Everyone should be blessed with friends like that.

I am so grateful my kids are growing up with their own set of best friends.  

We have been friends with the Bartlesons for over 10 years.
Jana and I were pregnant with James and Noah at the same time.
We both brought our ultra sound pictures to church on the same Sunday to share the news with each other.
We went through birthing classes together and groaned together each time we got in and out of the car, while our husbands tried not to make fun of us.
The boys were born 3 weeks apart and have been the best of friends ever since.

James future plans for wife and life always somehow include Noah.  He has mentioned everything from having bunk beds for his own wife as well as Noah and his wife, to owning property big enough for a house for his family and for Noah's family.
These boys are not afraid to hold hands or put their arms about each other's shoulders as they hike or walk together because they simply love each other that much.

William and Natalie are part of the crew, too.  William goes back and forth between playing with his beloved big brother and best friend Noah, to playing with Natalie, the girl he plans to marry someday.
They are a dangerous pair, though.  They get into mischief.

And, as Lilly has gotten older, Natalie has become her playmate.  Sometimes they let the boys play boy games while they play a game of house or babies.  Natalie is the big sister Lilly doesn't have.

 I love these kids like they are my own.  And I know that my kids are loved the same way.

Watching them together, seeing all the different sorts of friendships and bonds that have blossomed and grown gives me such great joy.

They are a handful: of trouble, fun and love.

We took our first family camping trip with the Barts this weekend.
I think James summed it up the excitement of such a trip nicely when he said, "when I wake up, Noah will be there and it will be just like we're brothers."

It is so good to have friends that are more than friends.
They are family.
And they are forever a part of your heart.


I hope you'll take the time to remember a moment this week.  Something or someone that you want to remember for always.
Have you noticed how fast the days slip by?  If you don;t take a minute to remember that moment, it will be gone and you'll forget.
Be a memory keeper.  It is one way of spending your precious time that you won't regret.

Love from,


valerie said...

beautiful Greta. Love the photos and the one of the heart shaped rock is precious. have a great week!

Lillian said...

Thank you Greta for such a dear, sweet post. What would life be without the dearest of friends.

katie said...

I love that rock. We have friends like yours and they are so special. I'm so glad you scored a campsite and enjoyed great weather while you were there!

Erin McDonald said...

Greta I can speak for all of the Pedersen clan when I say our lives are blessed by you Wujek's and now Eskridge's. Think and thin, fun and sadness we have been there for each other through it all! Remember Brian rubbing Ben's legs with lotion, not sure they held hands but that was their special way of loving each other. I am also glad you and your children have a family of friends/family!
I even was privaliged to share a day at Disneyland with you all before kids and I must say you all are still just as fun after kids! Love you my dear friend!

Terrie Brown said...

HI Greta,
This is your cousin Terrie. Every now and then i come across a blog, and really get into them. But I never remember where I seen them. Now I can keep up with yours. This is great!