Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Remembering This Moment: Little Sister Love

Remembering This Moment --a weekly series.
What will you remember this week?

Today I want to remember how much Lilly loves her brothers.
I want to remember the way she hears them wake up after she does and immediately goes running back into the room calling, "Bubbas!" with absolute joy in her voice.

I want to remember the way she calls, "Boys!" when she is looking for them.
Or, on those rare occasions when she isn't with them, how she asks, "where are my boys?"

I want to remember how much she wants to help them and be a part of what they are doing: handing them markers when they are drawing, adding to their Lego creations and giving them their clothes when they are getting dressed.
"Here, Bubba," she says to them all day long.
It drives them crazy.
"LILLY!" they often cry in exasperation.  "I don't need it!"
I'm trying to teach them to let her help.  That they are her teachers, just as much as I am.

Sometimes I wonder if it is working.
And sometimes I think that it is.

Whatever they do, she must do also.
No tree is too tall for her to climb.  She can pee outside with the best of them.  She isn't afraid of playing tractors in the dirt or wrestling.  She points her fingers, makes pow pow noises and says, "I'm shooting."
She is most certainly a tomboy.

I kind of like it that way.

Of course they do things she doesn't like.  They make scary masks and chase her.  They won't let her color all over their drawings.  They get on the top bunk without the ladder and leave her stranded on the ground.
But she can climb up without the ladder now, so she showed them!

It's got to be hard to be the little sister, and I know she is always going to be struggling to keep up.  She will always be trying to prove herself.
But I hope that she will also always be loved and cared for by her 2 big brothers.
And that there will always be room for her on the skateboard.

How grateful I am for my little girl and the 2 big brothers God gave her to look up to, adore and to wrestle with.
Life is good. 

I hope you'll join in this series with me.  Stop and notice those sweet, fleeting moments that are happening everyday and capture them.
Send me your links.  I'd love to see them!

Hope you're enjoying the last days of summer.  We are deep in the throws of beach days and long hot afternoons.  It is leaving me tired, tired, tired every night.  I might not be around much for the next couple of weeks.  Just check back in now and then.

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Melanie said...

I grew up with three sisters who were wonderful, but I had a friend who had three older brothers and I thought she was the luckiest girl alive :) Sound like Lilly is in that category!

katie said...

I have such a special bond with my older brother. Lilly is so blessed to have two brothers!!!

valerie said...

your post warms my heart...very cute and love how Lilly tries to keep up with the boys! she is so adorable and so are the boys! Enjoy the last of summer and the hot weather!

Lillian said...

I love the pictures and I love this post. It is wonderful how you guide them in their relationships Greta. I especially love"Lilly I don't need it" I know how she loves to bring you stuff....my vintage McCoy vase!!!