Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bra Shopping With Kids

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry talks about how men don't buy new underwear until their old underwear turns into dust that they just blow away with the wind?
Well, I am not that bad about bras, but close.

I hate bra shopping.  
Due to 4 pregnancies in the past 7 years, and years of nursing, my bra size is always changing.  I hate guessing my size almost as much as I hate getting fitted.
And bras are expensive.  Why would I want to spend my limited clothing budget on bras?  I want clothes, not bras!  
That's why I jumped when I heard about this new bra at Target.  A comfortable, good looking, make you good looking bra at Target for $14.  
I was so there.

Trouble is, most of the time, I go to Target with these guys.

But I was in desperate need, we were there, and I wasn't coming back on a separate, bra only, trip.  
So I headed to the bra section, 3 kids in tow.

"Why are we here?" asked James.
"Cause Mommy needs a bra."
"What's a bra again?"
"It's the thing Mommas and other women wear to hold up their breasts."
"Why do they have to hold them up?"
"Because they start to fall down when you get old."
"James, we are stopping this conversation right now and if you have any more questions about breasts or  bras, you can ask me at home.  Now please be quiet so I can find the bra I am looking for."

While I was looking for the $14 wonder, these 2 took off on their own quest.
I could hear them talking as I looked.
One thing they haven't mastered is the inside voice.

James: "I am going to find Mommy a red bra because red is her favorite color."
William: "Oh James look at this one!  It's a jaguar bra!  Mommy would love a jaguar bra."
William:  "Mooommy!  Mooommy!  Look at this jaguar bra I found you!  Don't you like it?"
James: "William look at this one.  It is red and it has lace.  It's really pretty.  I think Mommy would like this one and the jaguar bra."
William: "James, look! This one has flowers.  Mommy loves flowers."
James and William: "Mommy!  Come see the bras we found for you!"
Lilly: "I see jaguar bra, Mommy?  I see jaguar bra?"

Trying not to laugh hysterically or give into feelings of extreme embarrassment, I found my $14 bra, grabbed the boys hands, the shopping cart, and high tailed it out of there.

I don't think I'll be taking the boys bra shopping again.  It might send them into therapy when they are older.  
And really, just look at them.  They're weird enough as it is.  I don't need to add to their problems.

Happy Tuesday friends.
Love from,


Four Flights said...

Hahaha! The best part is Lilly saying "Jaguar bra mommy?" Great story, thanks for the laugh, even if it is at your expense ;)

katie said...

You are a brave mommy! So funny!

Rachel said...


valerie said...

this is so funny and cute at the same time...the innocence of children....hope that the bra you got fits well! Love all of your photos...your kids are adorable and your little girl yes as you put it is scrumptious!

Rock-A-Bow said...

HaHa Thanks for sharing this hilarious story! Kids are awesome!

Brooke G. said...

I have resorted to internet shopping..... :D

Anonymous said...

Greta this seriously made me laugh out loud. I can't imagine what my 3 little men would say in that section of Target.:)