Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beautiful Boy

I wrote this Friday night.  I was up late and home alone.  I was ready to publish, but then decided I couldn't.  Who knows if some weirdo would read it, google me, find my address and come over.  
Yes.  Sometimes I get a little paranoid.  If you had a complete stranger stand up in church and ask your father for your hand in marriage, you might be a little paranoid of weirdos too.
So I waited until today to publish it.  Because weirdos aren't nearly as scary during the daytime.  (You can read that story here.  It's # 5)
And in case you're  wondering when you finish reading, I did manage to paint my laundry room and read a magazine cover to cover to cover without getting up from the couch once.  I really know how to celebrate.  Happy Birthday to me!

It's almost my birthday.  I'll be 34.  
I asked Aaron for a weekend off for my birthday.  He agreed immediately and so he and the kids are at his parents for the weekend.
I am sitting up late writing.  I keep thinking I hear a kid.  But the house is very quiet.

I have been looking forward to this weekend.  I have a lot of projects I want to get done.  I also want to lie on the couch and read an entire magazine without getting up once.  I think I'll also eat a big bowl of popcorn while I read.  I won't have to be responsible for anyone but myself.  It will be nice.

But you know what?
I miss them.
Here is just one of the reasons.

This is William this morning.
He brings me flowers.  
Every.  Single.  Day.

It is often the first thing he does when he goes into the backyard.
And then he comes back inside with his hands behind his back.
He has this shy grin on his face and he says, "I have a surprise for you, Mommy."

I am surprised every time.
I don't know who is more happy about the flowers; me getting them or him giving them.

It doesn't matter where we are.  He always picks me flowers.  
It can get embarrassing sometimes when he raids a strangers garden.  Or the flower beds at church.  In front of a restaurant.  The library.  A friend's rose garden.
He doesn't care.  He just loves to give flowers to his mommy.

When I was pregnant with him, I remember Aaron playing John Lennon's Beautiful Boy for me.  I had never heard it before.  We danced awkwardly to it, around my big belly, and I cried and hoped I would have another beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.
I did.
My sweet William.
I'm glad I'll see him in a couple days.

I might be painting the laundry room tomorrow.  Or eating popcorn and reading a magazine.  I'll be looking forward to flowers on Sunday.
Hoping your weekend is full of happiness too.
Love from,


Summers Family said...

So wonderfully sweet. Happy Birthday friend! Hope to see you soon.

Johnna said...

He is a beautiful boy! I love that first photo of William, just look at his brow...his face so sweet with emotion and in love with his mama. We have a John Lennon song for our Julia
I'm going to take 'Beautiful Boy' for OUR James:) Loving our days with our little ones.

Betsi* said...

Happy Birthday, Greta!
I have sung 'Beautiful Boy' to all of my boys, in the womb and since.
I'm more excited than you know to get to spend part of your birthday with you tomorrow!! You are one of my favorite people and I am especially fond of you.
Love, Betsi*