Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Difference Between James and William

The other night we were driving home from dinner at Taco Surf. Taco Surf is one of the few restaurants we take our kids to. It is on the (very short) list because: everyone likes the food, it is loud, the floor is covered in sawdust, so who cares if you spill, and we can feed the whole family for under $15.
The kids always get the same thing, a side of beans and 2 sides of tortillas. And copious amounts of chips, of course. Anyway, James and Lilly adore the bean burritos. They down them as fast as we make them. William does his best, and considering how much he doesn't like to eat any food, he eats his fair share.
James actually always likes bean and cheese burritos. It is one of his favorite meals and he asks for it often. He likes my beans a lot, but he likes Taco Surf's beans better. (Theirs are refried in lard or oil, mine aren't) He often tells me the secret to the Taco Surf beans are that their beans are all smashed up and they have the cheese mixed in.
William does not like my beans. At all. He always opts for a guacamole and cheese burrito instead.
So as we were driving home from Taco Surf, James says, "I like Taco Surf beans half of the time and I like Mommy's beans half of the time."

And William said, "Well, I don't like Mommy's beans anytime. I only like Taco Surf beans."

I laughed and laughed.
James is my peacemaker, my pleaser, my Switzerland. He is going to remain neutral.
William is my truth teller. He isn't going to lie to make you feel better. He is going to tell you how he feels and you're just going to have to deal with it.
There is something to be admired in that.

James is Mary. William is Laura.

Those boys. I wonder what life has in store for them?

The pictures, by the way, were taken one evening when they dressed up, got pens and papers and rang the doorbell. They were workers, offering to give us bids on work that needed to be done on the house.
I think the ties are a nice touch.

Happy Thursday to you friends. And I wonder, who are you? A James? Or a William?
Love from,


Erin McDonald said...

I am a William trying desparatly to be a james

j e n n i f e r said...

I am definitely a William. :)

Betsi* said...

A bit of both maybe. Oh, wait, I think that just solidified me as a James. ;)

Lillian said...

I say that James is a Greta....when she was a little girl....then the little girl turned into a woman. She turned into a good measure of both a James and a William.

katie said...

I'm so a William, but greatly admire all the James peeps out there.

Laci said...

I just came across your blog. I've read the last 10 posts or so. I sit here with tears filling up my eyes...tears that only a mother reading stories of another mother would probably get. You're an awesome writer and from what I've seen (read) an awesome mommy too!! Can't wait to read more about your life...

P.S. I'm totally a James!! :)