Monday, June 14, 2010

12 Years

Yesterday was our 12th anniversary.

12 years ago I married my best friend.
12 years ago I said yes to better or worse.
12 years ago I committed to forever.

12 years later I love him more.
12 years later I like him more.
12 years later he makes me laugh more.
12 years later I still think he's cute.

12 years later he has made me happier than I ever dreamed I'd be.
And I hope that 12 years is just a drop in the bucket. I am already planning our 50th.
I'll only be 71.
I can't wait!

Thank you, Aaron, for getting down on one knee so long ago, on Thalia St in Laguna Beach.
I remember waking up next to you that first morning and you said, "hello, Mrs. Eskridge," and those were the sweetest words I had ever heard.
Thank you for putting up with me through the worse and giving me so much of the better.
I am blessed beyond measure to be your wife.

Happy 12th, darling.
Love from,

I have mentioned before that this blog is the record of our days.
It is our history.
It is our story.
When my kids grow up, have kids of their own, and they have kids, these stories will be here for them to read. They will know where they came from.
Growing up, one of the very best gifts my dad gave us were the stories of his boyhood. We loved those stories and asked for them over and over. I still love to hear them now and so do my kids. Oh how I wish I had those same stories from my grandparents, and their parents.
Stories are important.

So, in honor of our anniversary, I am going to tell our love story. My kids will want to know it someday and their kids and so on. Just like I love to the love stories of my parents and grandparents.
Tune it tomorrow if you want to hear it. I am sure there will be lots of parts that will make you laugh and maybe even say, "ahh" once or twice. Because every good love story has a little of both, don't they?
See you tomorrow, friends.
Love from,


Simply Brookes said...

Love that you are still in love.
Love love stories.
Love this post.

Lillian said...

When Greta was about 4, she was heard to say "I know a towee" She is a very gifted story teller and I never tire of hearing them. We love you Greta, and we love your Prince Charming, Aaron as well.

katie said...

Congrats on 12 years. I'm saying a special prayer for you that you enjoy the many years to come as much as these 12 years.