Monday, May 17, 2010

Turning 4

We celebrated William's birthday a few days early. I wanted him to have a day that was just his, even though he was perfectly happy to share his birthday party with his big brother. Still, I couldn't help wanting to give him his day.
It started with breakfast. They get to pick their favorite thing for breakfast on their birthday.
James asked for a baguette.
William asked for donuts.

You see, William does not care about food. But he does like treats.
So a donut with rainbow sprinkles and his very own bottle of juice was a perfect way to start his birthday. (he can hardly finish half a donut, but it doesn't matter--getting it it much more important than finishing)

Aaron got off work early and William got to open his present from us. He had shown us a Playmobil dinosaur set he really liked.
He was beside himself when he opened it.

What he said when he saw it was such an insight into his sweet little heart.
"It's just what James wanted!" he cried with complete joy.
He adores James.
I will never forget that moment. He is so dear.
So happy he is overcome.
His favorite part, the baby dinosaur and the volcano.
And that also sums up our William. He is such a crazy combination of tender and wild.
I love him so much.
After he opened his present, we headed to Dland. We rode his favorites.
And when we left, the castle was all lit up. He said to me, "Doesn't the castle look beautiful at night, Mom?"
We tried to take a picture together, proudly showing our 4s. Not only did it turn out blurry, but William also had to do 5 instead of 4. Just because. Just because he's William.
Happy Birthday, Sweet William! Oh how we love you.

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Lillian said...

William, William,William! He is so much fun. He is more ticklish than Polish. He is shy, and he is outspoken. He is a baby duck, or a bulldog. He is lovey dovey, or not. What ever he is at any given time....he is very special..I love him!!!