Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Star Wars Birthday Party--Part 1: Jedi Training

They were turning 4 and 6. They didn't mind sharing the day a bit. After all, they both wanted a Star Wars party. I confess I wasn't all that thrilled by the theme. But before I know it, I'll be planning their graduation parties. So we had one galactic sized Star Wars party!
And it was really fun.
The Jedi Training Academy
As soon as they arrived, the light sabers were out and the fighting began.
But the real fun started when the Jedi Masters took center stage.
They had a rapt audience.
First there were stretches.
Including the Yoda ear pull.
And the Jedi toe touch.
The jumping jacks were hilarious.
Then the light saber instruction began.
The Jedi Masters demonstrate the famous "Strike A".
It can also be used as "Block A".
Soon the drive way was filled with young Jedis practicing their newly acquired skills
Next up, the obstacle course.
In a nod to Luke and Yoda, James and his Jedi Master demonstrated the course together.
The young Jedis gathered around and got instructions,
and off they went!
It was a blast.
There is still a fight ahead with Lord Vader,
a battle between the Ewoks and the Storm Troopers
and of course, cupcakes.
Come back tomorrow for more!
As you can see, the girls were mostly missing from this part of the party. They were there, but just not as interested in the Jedi training. They were mostly going on the swing and having snack, coloring or simply watching those crazy boys. This is the first party we've had where there was a distinct difference between girl and boy participation.
I think they are growing up.

I also have to give major props to Aaron and Greg. They were the life of the party. Besides training the young Jedis, they provided a comedy act for the parents to enjoy. I am really not sure who had more fun, the kids, the parents or Aaron and Greg. I think we will have to figure out a way to incorporate those 2 into many more parties in the future.

Lastly, more props to Greg and Jana, our dear friends, who throw the most amazing parties ever. They are insanely creative. I have been amazed by their parties for years. Their 6 year old wanted a Star Wars party and after James and William went to it, they could think of nothing else. So it had to be a Star Wars birthday for them too.
I stole several ideas from Greg and Jana. And costumes. And Greg himself.
Thanks guys. You made this much easier.

You might think we are insane for going through all this effort. Maybe we are. Or maybe we just like parties. Here are my thoughts on it. And some info on other party details here.
See you tomorrow for more Star Wars party fun!

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Brooke G. said...

That looks like a BLAST!!!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet guy.

Tammy Callis said...

Aaron and Greg look fantastic! I love it =)

Kristine said...

That is so fun, Greta! I used to write birthday parties for Nestle on, and this would definitely be our top feature! Love the Ewok hut and the linoleum stamp. NICE!