Monday, April 5, 2010

Sometimes I Need a Treat

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. And everyone was dressed in their Easter best. There were egg hunts. Lilies. Family dinners. Hymns. And every where, a feeling of hope and optimism.

But today is Monday. And I'm tired. My kids are tired. We went to the ER last night because James cut his head on a table. He's fine. But that is our 3rd ER trip in 2 months. While we were there, I saw a friend who wasn't doing well. We both cried when we hugged. This morning, I saw a friend at Trader Joe's who just lost her dad. We both cried when we hugged.

It is easy to be filled with hope and joy, with songs of gladness on my lips when it's Easter Sunday. The hard part is the other days.
The days when we feel tired or frustrated or so, so sad.

Those are the times I need a treat.

This might sound incredibly trivial to you. Yesterday we were talking about the Resurrection and today...cookies? It just doesn't match up.

But to me, it does. Because I know a God who is in the small things too. He is in the tiniest wildflower, the quiet whirr of a hummingbird's wings. He is in the hands of the musician who draws her bow across a violin and in my hands, as I held a scared little James last night. He is in every beautiful thing.

So today, when I saw these sweet french macaroons in pink, yellow and green, I smiled. They are beautiful. Beauty eases some of the aches in our heart. God does that. He gave us the greatest beauty of all--the Resurrection--our reason for Easter. And He gave us a world full of little beauties too.
Even cookies.

Not only were they beautiful, they were delicious too.
Hoping you find some beautiful thing this Monday, be it little or big, to bring a smile to your face.


katie said...

I'm glad to hear that James is okay. We were like that in the past. I think we had 7 visits to the ER in a two year period. The cookies look so yummy and your reminder about God's pleasure in the small things is an important reminder for me. Thanks!

Betsi said...

Thanks for being God's arms for me at the hospital the other night. It was such a comfort to see you and to feel your understanding and love.
Glad James ended up ok! We heard the nurse giving him stickers from our room and my husband, Justin, asked me where mine were!
Love you!