Friday, April 2, 2010

Dyeing Eggs--We Never Tire of It

I have always loved dying Easter eggs. It might very well be my most favorite holiday activity. Well, it's a toss up between decorating the Christmas tree and dying eggs. Either way, it's way up there on the list.

I never miss a year. Even as a teenagers, my brother and I still dyed eggs. In my 20s, my sister and I did them together. It's tradition.

We use PAAS brand egg dye. Totally toxic, I'm sure, but we like the colors. Besides, we don't eat them. We've used the same kind ever since I was a kid. I get the bare bones box, none of those fancy, marbling kits for me.

We use vinegar instead of water. It is fun to watch it fizz and it makes for very bright colors. After the fizzing stops, it's time to have fun.

This year we did it during Lilly's nap time. She has an ear infection and is terribly cranky. I just envisioned a lot of spilled dye and broken eggs. It didn't sound fun. I felt bad, but I must admit, it was more fun this way. Don't worry Lil, we'll let you help next year.

Look at these colors!

Yep, we're having fun.
And the fun doesn't end when we finish the eggs. There will be lots of egg hunts with these eggs in the back yard next week. We used to lose eggs every year and usually found one in a gopher hole months later . My mom wouldn't let us hide eggs in the house for that very reason.

I wonder where we'll be finding eggs this year?
To find out about those gorgeous jewel tone eggs, go over to Picnics in the Park, here.

Happy Easter everyone. Hope your day is filled with lots of chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and rejoicing. He is risen indeed!


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