Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Valentine Party

Last year I had a Valentine party for the kids. Of course, that meant I had to do it again this year. If you do it once, it becomes tradition.
I don't really mind. I like to remember the things I loved when I was a kid, and do those things for my kids.
I loved parties.
So I have parties for my kids.

The cousins and a few of their best buddies came over the Friday before Valentines day, and we decorated heart shaped bags, ate snacks and exchanged valentines.

The hearts were cut from Trader Joe's bags. Aaron and I stayed up late one night and cut them out. (Have I mentioned before that he is an awesome husband?) I hole punched them and had red yarn ready for the kids to lace their hearts when they arrived.
Side note: this works better for the older kids. The little kids needed their mommy's help.
Lots of jewels, feathers, sequins and stickers were added to the hearts with copious amounts of glue, so that we had to let them dry awhile before any exchanging could take place.
They were so happy with their valentine holders. And the end result was quite cute.

After a bit, we hung the heart bags around the house and the kids all walked from room to room, delivering their valentines. That was the really crazy part! Imagine 10, 15? I can't even remember how many kids were there, wandering my house, yelling, "where's Cora's bag?" This one's for James. Where's James?" It took awhile for the deliveries to be made.
It was pretty funny and a good memory.

Then, the best part. Each child was given his or her bag, stuffed full of valentines to open and enjoy.
Didn't you just love getting valentines when you were a little person?
Exclamations were made. Mommies and aunties helped to read the cards. There were chocolates and clementines, too. They were all handmade and lovely.
(Except for the ones from my kids. I felt so magnanimous this year, letting them purchase valentines--so unoriginal and hated by me. But after I saw every one's handmade valentines I vowed to go back to my small, selfish ways next year. Cars valentines? Never again!)

There were glue footprints on my floor, I was tired as all get out, we went through a bag of jewels and I think all the kids had a blast. It was a loud and rambunctious party, but it was still sweet as could be.
And I think that is all I could ask for.

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jennifer said...

what a fun party! so cute. who is wearing that most adorable heart skirt? i love it. you truly offer your children wondrous experiences which they will forever cherish.