Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking Care of Mommy

There have been a lot of long nights lately. No one has been horribly ill, just sick enough to keep Mommy and Daddy up a lot. Fevers, snot, lots of crankiness and the coughing, oh the coughing. The coughing attacks translate into climbing into Mommy and Daddy's bed, or middle of the night steam showers (as mentioned here) or, at the very least, waking Mommy while the cougher somehow manages to sleep through it.
But Monday night was the longest of all. I spent 3 hours in the ER with Lilly. We got home at 4:30. I got 3 hours of sleep that night. (She's OK--left after waiting for 3 hours and seeing 1 person called in. But that's another story)

All of these sleep disturbances have left this Mommy feeling so very, very tired. Even though my parents came up yesterday, and I got to take an extra long nap (bless you Mom and Dad!) I was still feeling exhausted today.

So when Lilly went down for her nap, I went down too. The boys had strict instructions to play quietly with Legos on the back porch, or read inside. They didn't let me down.

This pregnancy has been good for them. I am putting a lot more responsibility on them. They have to help Mommy. That is all there is to it. I need them.
I need them to let me nap. I need them not to wake up Lilly. I need them to give themselves a shower, dry themselves off, and get into their jammies. I need them to get themselves water and snacks. I need them to be much more self sufficient.

It all sounds very wonderful, doesn't it? I'm training my boys to be men! But right now, a lot of it just means more work for me. More spills. More water all over the bathroom. More art messes made during quiet time.

But let me tell you, the joy they feel when they do it themselves and help me, the pride they feel for being big boys, it is worth all the extra work.

Last week they made those hearts and proudly taped them in the front window. With blue painters tape. "Isn't it cool Mom? We made Valentines decorations for you. Do you like our surprise?" In fact, they were so happy they made the decorations for me that they couldn't resist waking me up to show me. ( a direct violation of the fire, blood, poop or barf rule, but how could I be mad?)
"Now you don't have to put up decorations because we did it for you!"
They really do love to take care of me.

Well today, Lilly slept and slept. So I did too.
And these two,

well, they made me a feast.

Even in my sleep, my Mommy radar is tuned in. I knew it was quiet for an awfully long time. I had given them permission to have a cookie, but I knew many, many minutes had passed since I had murmured, "yes! Just go get a cookie!" with my eyes closed.
So I dragged myself off the couch and went into the kitchen.
And they had the biggest grins.

"Mommy!" they said.
"We made you a feast! It's for all of us. We didn't even know we could make a feast so big, but it has everything you like. We wanted to make you a feast because you're pregnant and we need to take care of you."

I wanted to take them to Target right then and there and buy them every Star Wars Lego set in the place.

They were so happy to do something for me. Their very own idea, executed solely by them and a total surprise to me. How can I rob them of that joy? So what's a little more clean up?

And I know that feast looks like a bit of a mess, but take a closer look.
It's all in the details.

There was butter. Because we love butter.

4 cups of my favorite mineral water. Even though William and I are the only ones who like it.

Lots of fruit, because it's healthy.

Bread, raisins, a hard boiled egg and the jam that they'd been saving since we went out to breakfast at the Pot Holder a month ago. They wanted to share it at the feast.

Also, tortilla chips and avocados for guacamole. They really wanted to make the guacamole, but thought they might get in trouble for using one of the sharp knives. (I am certain that was the voice of James overriding the voice of William on that one!)

It was a lovely feast.
This isn't their first feast. You might remember another one they made for me.
They are getting more sophisticated. And it's something they really love to do.

This thing that happened out of necessity, be more responsible because Mommy has to rest, has turned into an amazing way for them to show their love for me.
I never could have planned it.
There are a lot of late nights in this business of parenting--but a lot of lovely feasts, too.

And, I think these boys are well on their way to becoming amazing husbands. I'm just sayin.

A little side note. All this sickness and extreme fatigue has made for sporadic posting and posts not happening as I'd like them to. Like this. So, there will be 2 more Valentines Day posts, even though the holiday is past and there are already beach towels and sand toys filling the aisles at Target. This blog is a reflection of my life.
Things don't always happen on time, or when I want them too.
So just hang with me here. The next 8 months might be a little bumpy!

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Tammy Callis said...

This is truly so sweet. The big boys taking care of their mommy. I'm so glad that you have this documented, definitely something you never want to forget!