Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Small Boy's Work Space

This is James' work space. It is actually for the 3 of them, but right now James uses it the most. It is always littered with his current obsession.
Last week it was paper airplanes.
This week it is popsicle sticks and tape.

He uses them to make weapons. Like the star wars gun his daddy made him and he recreated below.
Or the bows and arrows daddy made.

And then James made his own rendition.

Because I am not nearly as excited by weapons as my boys, I like the boats he made.

It's all about having a space to spread out. A place with supplies at hand. Markers, paper, scissors, tape, drawing books and books about the human body or submarines.
It's about having a place to create.
And time too. Again I am so grateful for time.
James spends countless hours here. He wanders in anytime, all day long to create something.
Lilly sees him and immediately shouts, "colu! Colu!" She wants to color too.
Even William, who has been less "artsy" thus far, finds something to do here. He likes to draw maps, or color in the drawings James makes for him.

I think of how this work space will change as my small boy grows big. The tools might become more sophisticated, but he will still be doing the same things. Dreaming hi dreams and making them come true with tape and popsicle sticks.

I like this little snap shot of where his head is right now.
I want to remember.

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