Thursday, January 7, 2010

2nd Annual Gingerbread House Party

Last year was our first time making gingerbread houses. The kids understandably were very anxious that we do it again. Unlimited access to candy? The sooner the better!
So we invited the cousins over and got to it.
It was messy, and sugary and sweet. They all had fun.

As much as I would like to say that I baked my own gingerbread, made frosting and used adorable small batch candies for the houses, the reality is we use gram crackers, frosting from a tub and candy from the dollar store. Sometimes you just can't be Martha. And, it doesn't even matter.

Scotty finished first. Note the on the corner of his mouth, his chin, his hands. He even had it in his hair!

After Halloween, this may just be William's favorite day of the year. Take a look at all the candy juice on his face.

And hands. And tongue. He ate far more candy than he put on.

James and Cora took the longest. They covered every square inch of their houses with candy. And then some. I like James' snowy chimney.

Cora's black, velvet dress was covered in frosting, even though you can't tell from these pictures. She is another candy lover and the only one who ate the black licorice.

The hardest part about the gingerbread houses is convincing the kids that they can't eat the candy 2 weeks later when I am going to toss them. I tell them the candy is rotten, but they don't believe me.

Now they are asking to make gingerbread houses for Valentines Day.

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