Friday, December 4, 2009

Window Shopping

The weekend after Thanksgiving starts the Christmas season for us. We always head down to the water to see the lighted Christmas trees. Before we do that though, we stroll along 2nd St. in Belmont Shore and look at the Christmas window displays. It is our own small town version of looking at the Macy's windows in New York city.

The hands down favorite is always Billing Hardware. They put on a show like nobody else. The window is full of tiny trains, ski jumps, tilt-a-whirls, and all sorts of little village buildings, lit up and glowing in the night. It is a wonderland.

The display at Blue Windows was also a hit because it looked like Snoopy's dog house was sitting there amongst the trees.
I love those trees. I'd like some for my house.

After we'd walked the length of 2nd St., we walked across the sand to the waters edge. The trees were lit and floating peacefully.
It was just us on the beach and we stayed for a while, enjoying the calm moment.
When the kids wanted to start rolling in the wet sand, we decided it was time to leave.

These simple traditions are one of the things that make Christmas a very sweet time. It doesn't take much to make something meaningful. It might take a little extra time or effort. It might be a bit inconvenient. We were out past bedtime. But by doing the same, often very simple, things each year, we are filling a treasure chest of memories for our family, our children.

Even as a little girl, I was always seeking to create tradition out of everyday events. I think we all crave those dear, meaningful moments in our lives. Christmas is such an easy time to do that.
I'd love to know, what are your special Christmas traditions?

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Erin McDonald said...

Thanks to you we have the tradition of the Christmas Mug! and last year we decided since we can't have a real family Christmas Breakfast or a real Christmas tree to cut an extra slice off and decorate it that the Christmas mug gets to stay! and this year is goingto be the same! YIPPY! So we have eyed our favorite mugs at the bucks are saving up for them! Can't wait to have my first sip of hot coco in them on Christmas morning! Love you and all your traditioal ideas!