Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tea For 2

We're giving the kids a kitchen for Christmas. It is a great kitchen. It's old, made out of wood, with a sink, a stove, an oven and a separate refrigerator. It belonged to dear friends of our family who couldn't take it with them when they moved out of state. My Mom promised to take care of it and make sure it was well loved. That was probably 20 years ago.
That is a testament to my Mom and Dad. Cause I know my husband would have asked for it to be out of the garage many, many times over the course of 20 years.
Too bad Aaron. We'll be saving it for our grandchildren.

Despite my obvious affection for the kitchen, there was a part of me that worried the boys wouldn't like it. I was afraid they'd think they were getting ripped off.
"Where are the Playmobile tractors, the Legos, the swords and shields?" they'd ask on Christmas morning?

I've been worrying. But then this weekend they found their sister's tea set. The one her Granny bought her when she was a baby.
They immediately wanted to have a tea party.

I think they'll like that kitchen just fine.
Why do we worry about these silly things? I could give them a box and they'd turn it into something fun. We've been talking a lot about having a simpler Christmas. This kitchen is part of that--a gift they will all share.
And yet, here I am worrying that it won't be enough. Or right. Or.....
I'm glad my 2 little boys having a tea party on the grass could set me straight.
Here's to a simple Christmas!

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jennifer said...

isaak received a kitchen last christmas. he adores it. he see his papa cooking quite a bit. he sees his mama baking quite a bit. and he wants to partake!

when we were scouring the thrift store the other day... he chose a kitchen tool as his "treasure," not some plastic toy truck! :) yeah. i love it.