Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Highlights: Before and After

I might be the only one still posting about Thanksgiving, but look at your calendar, folks. It's still November! That's right. So here are the highlights:

We didn't have all the chairs in place yet and William said, "I'll help!"
5 of our guests couldn't come, so my extra long runner to fit an extra long table, was just extra long. And kind of wrong.
But I wasn't about to try fixing it on Thanksgiving morning.
I am not a perfectionist ladies and gentlemen.

Finally, the table set. Borrowed some plates, last year's cloth napkins, waxed leaves and gourds table setting--simple and economical. And it turned out pretty too.
Remember that picture for later. Calm, serene, clean. BEFORE.
The cousins all sat outside at the kid table. Aaron drew each kid their very own turkey to color.

Just like last year, the kids ate green gelato (Nanna's green jello) and bread with lots of butter.
I think Scotty actually tried the turkey. He's the oldest and has to set a good example.

The funny thing about the kid table was Sally, our kitty cat, kept trying to eat off the kids' plates. They moved off the table and around the backyard about 3 times before they gave up. Then they came in and ate on the floor.
I thought they'd like eating outside all by themselves, but I didn't factor in Sally. Sorry guys.

In the way of a hostess, I don't have any pictures of the feast, or any of us eating it. But it was good. Man, it was good.
I do have a picture of the bird, though. Mostly because this was only my second year cooking the turkey and I am still kind of amazed that I can do it.
It's not hard, but it seems hard.
Let that be a lesson to you.

After we ate, we played games. It was great fun. Quite possibly the best part of Thanksgiving. Catch Phrase is a fun game.

And then......
The clean up. The part of Thanksgiving we are least thankful for. AFTER

The cousins decided that the mess covering the counter tops, sink and stove simply wasn't enough. Oh no, they added more. To the floor.

They went camping in the kitchen. Which involved a rug and pillow on the floor. As well as backpacks full of clothes and toys.

Every car the boys own, laid out in style.

Books too! Cause everyone knows that camping is a great time to read.

And my personal favorite, a coonskin cap set amidst the dirty dishes. Those kids know how to camp in style.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I burst out laughing. It was truly hilarious to see how much more of a mess those kids had made in my kitchen.
Then I started snapping pictures.
It's like I told Aaron, the best part of having this blog is that I always think, "this will make a great story!"

Yes it will. We'll be telling stories of this camping trip for years to come.
I am thankful for cousins to laugh with. The grownups sitting around the table playing games. Jessica's sweet potatoes. Mom's green beans with crispy shallots. Mom's stuffing. Trader Joe's brined turkeys. Sally cat chasing the kids around the backyard. Lilly learning Spanish from Fernanda.
I am thankful for another wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Lillian said...

It was a great time wasn't it?