Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Second Day: Morning Light and Moonstone Beach

The cabin was cold when we woke up.
The windows had dew on them.
I made breakfast.
We ate at the table, drenched in sunlight, and I couldn't help but wonder,
"why it isn't like this at home?"
Sometimes it is, but usually just on Saturdays. Like James said, "being on vacation is like having a whole bunch of weekends all together."

An aside: have you tried the pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe's? I am usually not a fan of pancake mix, but these were divine. DIVINE. Lots of butter. Make them.
After a bit, we opened the windows to let in the clean smelling air, more sunshine
and the vines too.
You know you are on vacation when you can lay on the couch while your baby sleeps and read a magazine from front cover to back cover. And drink a 2nd cup of hot coffee. Aaron took the boys for a hike while Lilly napped. Bliss.

Then we headed to the beach.
From up on the hill, the boys spotted this driftwood monolith on the beach.
We headed there immediately.
Lilly was more impressed with the rocks. (Moonstone beach is so named for the moonstone agates that cover the shore. There were more beautiful rocks there than on any other beach I've ever been to. And so, I became slightly obsessed with collecting rocks myself. More on that later.)

Every one climbed into the fort. William dubbed it "The Lion Cave." It became one of our favorite haunts for the rest of the week.
James wanted to make it cooler. So he and Aaron walked around the beach looking for logs that Aaron could carry to The Lion Cave. James then directed Aaron on exact placement of the new logs. Aaron is a good sport.
I was determined that this would be the vacation where I am actually in some pictures.
The boys soon tired of this idea. "I can't smile one, single more time, Mommy. Aren't we ever going to be done taking pictures?"
Lilly doesn't mind taking pictures. Especially if I let her climb on a log like her brothers.
This might be one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.
What an amazing daddy my kids have.
One last look at the beach before we head home for lunch.
After our morning on the sand, we headed to San Luis Obispo for the Thursday farmer's market. You can read about it over here.


Naomi said...

Greta! I've read all your posts - the farmer's market one too :) I LOVE the way you write and blog and take pictures - I feel like I'm right there with you - feeling the bliss of relaxation with a cup of coffee, magazine, and sleeping baby - waiting in line for tastilicious BBQ, feeling the morning mist, walking through the forest, disgruntled with the person who took the family picture on the dock. I love the little log cabin, I'm going to have to get the details on some of these places - we are sorely in need of a vacation ourselves. I must try those trader joe's pancakes and make them for my kiddos, how Autumny!! Thanks for sharing so beautifully. I'm a big fan!!

Andrea said...

I found your blog through Nicole Summers and have been enjoying reading it. We too love Moonstone Beach and the whole Cambria/San Simion/SLO area. We have done the vacation 2 years in a row now (staying in a lodge our first year and Airstreaming it our second year) and have made some pretty incredible memories.

Mommy of three said...

Naomi, thank you so much for your kind, kind words. Every one likes a bit of encouragement now and then. You made me smile all day long.

Andrea, so glad you came for a visit. And thanks for commenting, instead of being a "ghost reader". I love getting comments.
Airstreaming it???? We are so jealous. We dream of having an airstream. We have a painting of one in our living room, even! How fun! I'll have to go check your blog for pictures.